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Our Attendance Policy | Updated May 2019
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  • Daily attendance of all who are enrolled in the Lynn Public Schools is required in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth and the School Committee rules.
  • It is the responsibility of the administrator and teachers to know which students are either absent from school or missing from assigned classes.
  • Chapter M.G.L c. 71(b) regulations shall be considered and applied in all instances involving students with special educational needs.
  • Attendance of school is mandated by State law, subject to the following:

Student Absence Notification Program
At the commencement of each school year, parents/guardians will be sent a notice instructing them to call a designated telephone number at a designated time to inform the school of the student’s absence and the reason for such absence.  The notice will also require such parent or guardian to furnish the school with a home, work or other emergency telephone number where they can be contacted during the school day.  If the school does not receive a message from the parent/guardian by the designated time, then the school shall call the telephone number or numbers furnished to inquire about the student’s absence.  Parents will be contacted within three (3) days of the student’s absence if the Parent(s) or Guardian has not contacted the school regarding the absence.

Parent(s) or Guardians will also be notified when a student who has at least three days in which the student has missed two or more classes/periods (unexcused) or who has three or more unexcused absences in the school year and a meeting will be scheduled with the building Principal (or his/her designee), the Social Worker and/or Guidance Counselor, the Parent(s)/Guardian and the student to develop an action plan to improve the student’s attendance.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact school staff and work collaboratively with them to correct the reasons that the student is missing school.

  • All school absences require a note explaining the absence.  School absences are defined as follows:
  • Documented Absence (JUSTIFIED):

Illness covered by a doctor’s note, a note regarding illness from the parent or guardian (no more than two per trimester/quarter), death in the family, religious holiday, school sponsored activities as approved by administration, college or military recruiter visits with approval from the administration, absence occurring when a student is in custody of Court or law enforcement authorities, and absence resulting from participation in a work-study program under the supervision of the public school.  The administration reserves the right to request a doctor’s note.  In case of an emergency a waiver may be granted by a school administrator.

  • Documented Absence (NON-JUSTIFIED) and Undocumented Absence (NON-JUSTIFIED):

Four (4) documented absences (non-justified) or four (4) undocumented absences (non-justified) will result in maximum grade of “D-“ for the course in a given quarter.  All other absences not covered above, including truancy, class cuts, and family vacations are not considered legitimate reasons for class absences in a given quarter.

Grade Recovery Opportunity
If a student receives a D- as a result of 4 or more unexcused absences in a grading quarter, he/she will have one opportunity to recover the original grade.  To recover the original grade, a student must not exceed 3 unexcused absences in the subsequent quarter.

There is no opportunity to recover an original grade for the fourth quarter in full year  courses or the second quarter in half year courses.       

  • Upon returning to school after an absence, a student is required to present a signed note of explanation from the parent or guardian stating the reason and date of the absence.  This note must be presented to all classroom teachers.  A physician’s note will be required for absences of five (5) days or more in any one school quarter, or in the case of prolonged illness which may result in an absence of five (5) or more consecutive days.  School officials reserve the right to investigate the authenticity of parental notes.
  • Pupils may not attend or participate in school events if they are absent on the same day or the activity, unless permission has been granted by the school principal or designee prior to the specific event or function.
  • To ensure fairness, a Review Board of administrators will meet to evaluate extenuating circumstances pertaining to absences prior to final marks being recorded.  The appeal should be initiated within five (5) days of the receipt of report card.
  • The School Department does not condone family or students scheduling vacations while school is in session.  Student absence because of family vacation is not considered “Documented” absence and therefore the school is not required to provide assignments or make-up work for students who go on vacation while school is in session.
  • Religious holidays will not count against a student’s perfect attendance record.
  • All students who participate in school-sponsored activities or field trips will be responsible for all missed assignments.
  • The previous policy relative to grade point reduction for undocumented absences is void.

Adopted by School Committee on December 11, 2014
Revised and Adopted by School Committee on May 30, 2019



- Se requiere la asistencia diaria de todos los que están inscritos en las Escuelas Públicas de Lynn de acuerdo con las leyes de la Commonwealth y las reglas del Comité Escolar.

- Es la responsabilidad del administrador y los maestros de saber cuáles estudiantes están ausentes de la escuela o faltan a las clases asignadas.

- Las regulaciones del Capítulo M.G.L c. 71 (b) se considerarán y serán aplicadas en todos los casos que involucren a estudiantes con necesidades educativas especiales.

- La asistencia a la escuela es obligatoria por ley estatal, sujeta a lo siguiente:

Programa de Notificación de Ausencias Estudiantiles
Al comienzo de cada año escolar, los padres / tutores serán enviados un aviso indicándoles que llamen a un número de teléfono designado a una hora designada para informar a la escuela de la ausencia del estudiante y del motivo de dicha ausencia. El aviso también requerirá que dicho padre o tutor proporcione a la escuela un número de teléfono de casa, trabajo u otro teléfono de emergencia donde puedan ser contactados durante el día escolar. Si la escuela no recibe un mensaje del padre / tutor antes de la hora designada, entonces la escuela deberá llamar al número de teléfono o números proporcionados para preguntar sobre la ausencia del estudiante. Los padres serán contactados dentro de los tres (3) días de la ausencia del estudiante si el padre (s) o tutor no ha contactado a la escuela con respecto a la ausencia.
Los padres o tutores también serán notificados cuando un estudiante tenga al menos tres días en los que haya perdido dos o más clases / períodos (sin excusa) o cuando tenga tres o más ausencias injustificadas en el año escolar y una reunión será programada con el director del edificio (o su designado), el trabajador social y / o el consejero de orientación, el padre (s) / tutor y el estudiante para desarrollar un plan de acción para mejorar la asistencia del estudiante.
Se alienta a los padres / tutores a comunicarse con el personal de la escuela y trabajar en colaboración con ellos para corregir las razones por las cuales el estudiante falta a la escuela.

- Todas las ausencias escolares requieren una nota explicando la ausencia. Las ausencias escolares se definen de la siguiente manera:

-      Ausencia documentada (JUSTIFICADA):
Enfermedad con una nota del médico, una nota sobre la enfermedad del padre o tutor (no más de dos por trimestre / cuatrimestre), muerte en la familia, feriado religioso, actividades patrocinadas por la escuela según lo aprobado por la administración, visitas de reclutador universitario o militar con aprobación de la administración, ausencia que ocurre cuando un estudiante está bajo custodia de las autoridades judiciales o policiales, y ausencia resultante de la participación en un programa de trabajo y estudio bajo la supervisión de la escuela pública. La administración se reserva el derecho de solicitar una nota del médico. En caso de emergencia, un administrador de la escuela puede otorgar una exención.

- Ausencia Documentada (NO JUSTIFICADA) y Ausencia indocumentada (NO JUSTIFICADA):
Cuatro (4) ausencias documentadas (no justificadas) o cuatro (4) ausencias indocumentadas (no justificadas) resultarán en una calificación máxima de "D-" para el curso en un trimestre determinado. Todas las demás ausencias no cubiertas anteriormente, incluyendo absentismo escolar, faltando alguna clase, y vacaciones familiares no se consideran razones legítimas para las ausencias de clase en un trimestre determinado.

Oportunidad de Recuperación de Nota/Grado
Si un estudiante recibe una D- como resultado de 4 o más ausencias injustificadas en un trimestre de calificación, él / ella tendrá una oportunidad de recuperar la calificación original. Para recuperar la calificación original, un estudiante no debe exceder 3 ausencias injustificadas en el trimestre posterior.
No hay oportunidad de recuperar una calificación original para el cuarto trimestre en cursos de año completo o el segundo trimestre en cursos de medio año.

- Al regresar a la escuela después de una ausencia, se requiere que el estudiante presente una nota de explicación firmada por el padre o tutor indicando el motivo y la fecha de la ausencia. Esta nota debe presentarse a todos los maestros de aula. Se requerirá una nota del médico para las ausencias de cinco (5) días o más en cualquier trimestre escolar, o en el caso de una enfermedad prolongada que puede resultar en una ausencia de cinco (5) o más días consecutivos. El personal escolar se reserva el derecho de investigar la autenticidad de las notas de los padres.

- Los alumnos no pueden asistir o participar en eventos escolares si están ausentes el mismo día o la actividad, a menos que el director de la escuela o la persona designada hayan otorgado permiso antes del evento o función específica.

- Para garantizar la equidad, una Junta de Revisión de Administradores se reunirá para evaluar las circunstancias atenuantes relacionadas con las ausencias antes de que se registren las calificaciones finales. La apelación debe iniciarse dentro de los cinco (5) días posteriores a la recepción de la libreta de calificaciones.

- El Departamento Escolar no aprueba que la familia o los estudiantes programen vacaciones mientras la escuela está en sesión. La ausencia del estudiante debido a vacaciones familiares no se considera ausencia "documentada" y, por lo tanto, la escuela no está obligada a proporcionar tareas o trabajos de recuperación para los estudiantes que se van de vacaciones mientras la escuela está en sesión.

- Los días festivos religiosos no contarán contra el récord de asistencia perfecta de un estudiante.

- Todos los estudiantes que participan en actividades patrocinadas por la escuela o excursiones serán responsables de todas las tareas perdidas.

- La política anterior relativa a la reducción de la calificación de las ausencias indocumentadas es nula.

Adoptado por el Comité Escolar el 11 de diciembre del 2014
Revisado y Adoptado por el Comité Escolar el 30 de mayo del 2019


Welcome to the Lynn Schools Discipline Code Webpage
Updated: October 2021

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Discipline Code Policy - English
Discipline Code Policy - Arabic
Discipline Code Policy - Haitian Creole
Discipline Code Policy - Khmer
Discipline Code Policy - Portuguese
Discipline Code Policy - Spanish
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Welcome to the Student Dress Code Webpage
Updated: Ocztober 2021

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Student Dress Code - English
Student Dress Code - Arabic
Student Dress Code - Haitian Creole
Student Dress Code - Khmer
Student Dress Code - Portuguese
Student Dress Code - Spanish
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School Facility Rental Information

Welcome to the Lynn Public Schools School Facility Rental web page.  In cooperation with the City of Lynn’s Inspectional Services Department, all forms and information pertaining to renting of school facilities are posted in this location.  We hope you find this information helpful when planning for your next event.

If you have any questions regarding facility rentals, please contact the Facilities Coordinator by e-mail at

Acrobat PDF Icon Complete Policy, Regulations, Rates Download (PDF)
  Facility Rental Packet
- Community Use of School Facilities” School Committee Policy KF
- Rental Information  File KF-R-1
- Rules and Regulations  File KF-R-2
- Rental Rates  File KF-E-1
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Adopted by the School Committee | March 2016

Health Related Policies and Guidelines

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Education
Policy and Guidelines

Athletic Concussion Policy
Athletic Concussion Standardized Procudures
Updated by the School Committee | 2011

Food Allergy Policy
LPS Policy and Protocols For Preventing Severe Allergic Reactions

Health Forms
HeLPS Emergency and Medial Forms and Parent Consent Forms

Lunch and Food Services
Food Services Program

Policy For Head Lice
Head Lice Policy
Adopted by the School Committee | April 2013

Policy For Homeless Children and Unaccompanied Youth | 2018


I. Designation of a Homeless Education Liaison
II. Definition of Homelessness
III. School Selection
IV. Enrollment
V. Transportation
VI. School Nutrition Program
VII. Support Services
VIII. Dispute Resolution

The goal of McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act is to ensure that each homeless child or youth has equal access to the same free, appropriate public education, including preschool education, as provided to other children and youth.

The Lynn Public Schools ensures the implementation of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act regarding identification, enrollment, attendance and success in school of homeless children and unaccompanied youth in grades Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. The responsibility to ensure the implementation has been assigned to Parent Information Center’s Director and staff.

I. Designation of a Homeless Education Liaison

The Lynn Public Schools’ Parent Information Center is the central registration office for all admissions and within system transfers of students. The Lynn Public Schools’ Homeless Education Liaison interviews parents/guardians of homeless children and unaccompanied youth at the time of registration. After identification of a homeless student or unaccompanied youth, the Homeless Education Liaison provides the following:

  • Assists with immediate school enrollment
  • Contacts last school placement to secure school records and immunization records
  • Arranges transportation
  • Arranges for free breakfast and lunch
  • Contacts social workers or agencies involved with the family
  • Ensures the correct educational placement by coordinating services through the Language Support and Special Education Office
  • Ensures student integration in the regular education setting
  • Facilitates resolution in disputes and assists with appeals process when requested
  • Works directly with school staff to identify students who become homeless during the school year and assists in students’ academic success
  • Coordinates with shelters, motels, and state agencies to ensure access to all available benefits
  • Provides information to parents regarding after school and night school programs.
  • Collaborates with local service providers and refers homeless families to these agencies for the purpose of providing assistance and support
  • Provides information, education and training around issues homelessness for school personnel
  • Coordinates crisis intervention, advocacy and clinical services for homeless students and families

II. Definition of Homelessness 

Lynn Public Schools recognizes that homeless students are those lacking a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence. This definition shall include children and youth who are:

  • Sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or similar reasons
  • Living in motels, hotels, trailer parks or camping grounds due to lack of alternative adequate accommodations
  • Living in emergency or transitional shelters
  • Are abandoned in hospitals
  • Living in public or private places not designed for or ordinarily used as regular sleeping accommodations for human beings
  • Living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations or similar settings
  • Unaccompanied youth- a youth not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian
  • Migratory youth living in conditions described in the previous examples

III. School Selection

Parents, guardians or unaccompanied youth may choose to stay at their school of origin or transfer to the school where they are temporarily residing according to that district’s placement policy. To the extent feasible, homeless students will continue to be enrolled in their school of origin while they remain homeless or until the end of the academic year in which they obtain permanent housing.

IV. Enrollment

Once the enrollment decision is made, Lynn Public Schools will remove barriers and shall immediately enroll the student to the extent feasible, even if they do not have the documents usually required for enrollment. Homeless students’ placement in grades and classes should be handled according to district policy. The Homeless Education Liaison will assist homeless students who arrive without records by contacting the previously attended school system to obtain the required records. Lynn Public Schools reserves the right to do random address checks on those unable to provide proof of residency.

V. Transportation

Homeless students are entitled to transportation to and from their school of origin at the request of the parent, guardian or unaccompanied youth. Transportation will be provided if:

  • The school of origin is in Lynn but the homeless student is temporarily living in a different district, and the distance does not exceed one hour for those in Grades 1-12 or 45 minutes for students in Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten
  • The school of origin is in a different district but the homeless student is temporarily living in Lynn, and the distance does not exceed one hour for Grades 1-12 or 45 minutes for students in Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten
  • The homeless student is temporarily residing within the district and per the Lynn Public Schools’ eligibility guidelines for transportation

The cost for transportation will be shared for students temporarily residing in one district and attending the school of origin in another district.

VI. School Nutrition Program

Homeless students will be immediately enrolled in the free breakfast and lunch program.

VII. Support Services

To the extent practical and as required by law, the Lynn Public Schools will work with homeless students and their families to provide stability in school attendance and other services. Special attention will be given to ensuring the enrollment and attendance of homeless students not currently attending school. Homeless students will be provided district services for which they are eligible, including Head Start and comparable preschool programs, Title I, similar state programs, special education, bilingual education, vocational/technical education programs, and gifted and talented programs.

VIII. Dispute Resolution

If there is an enrollment dispute, the homeless student shall be immediately enrolled in the school in which the enrollment is sought, pending resolution of the dispute. Parents, guardians or unaccompanied youth shall be informed of the district’s decision and their right to appeal in writing. The Homeless Education Liaison will facilitate the dispute resolution and appeal process. The final decision in such a situation resides with the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education.

Dr. Catherine C. Latham
Superintendent of Schools

Tracey Scherrer, M.S.
Homeless Education Liaison for the Parent Information Center

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  Policy For Homeless Children and Unaccompanied Youth | 2018
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Approved by School Committee on 5/8/2014

Policy For Acceptable Internet Usage


The Lynn Public School district is pleased to offer its students and staff access to information technology resources, including access to the Internet.  Access to the Internet enables students to explore millions of libraries, databases, and bulletin boards from around the world.  This educational tool allows students to collaborate and communicate with others to significantly expand their knowledge base.  Electronic information research skills are now fundamental in the preparation of our citizens. 

There is high educational value in the Internet; however with this access to people and computers all over the world, information and material may become available that may not be considered of value in the classroom setting.  The Lynn Public School district uses an Internet filtering, blocking, and monitoring solutions to restrict access.  School staff supervises students during their time “online.”  However, on a global network, it is impossible to control all materials and an industrious user may encounter inappropriate information while on the Internet.  The valuable information and interaction available on the worldwide network far outweigh the possibility of students attaining material inconsistent with the educational goals of the Lynn Public Schools. 

Strict guidelines and proper conduct of end users will keep the networking running properly.  Guidelines are provided to make users aware of the responsibilities they are about to acquire.  Violations of this school policy will result in the loss of account and future access may be denied.  Disciplinary action at the school level will result.


For all users, Internet access through Lynn Public Schools is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of this privilege.  Based on the acceptable use guidelines outlined in this document, the system administrator may revoke, deny or suspend privileges. 

Please download the complete policy and acknowledgment letter below.

Acrobat PDF Icon Lynn Schools Internet Usage Policy (PDF)
  Internet Usage Policy Document and Letter (English)
  Internet Usage Policy Document and Letter (Espanol)
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Resolutions to Affirm Lynn Public Schools as Safe and Welcoming Sanctuaries for All Students

Policy File: JIAAA

Resolutions to Affirm Lynn Public Schools as Safe and Welcoming Sanctuaries for All Students

WHEREAS, the mission of Lynn Public Schools (“LPS”) is to maintain a multicultural school community dedicated to the realization of the full intellectual, physical, social, and emotional potential of its students;

WHEREAS, LPS is committed to providing a safe and welcoming learning environment in order to increase achievement and access for all students irrespective of their immigration status, national origin, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, sex and gender identity, socio-economic status, disability status, or beliefs;

WHEREAS, the City is enriched and strengthened by its diverse cultural heritage, multinational population, and welcoming attitude toward newcomers;

WHEREAS, education plays a critical role in furthering tolerance and inclusivity within our society;

WHEREAS, the United States Constitution prohibits states from denying students a public elementary or secondary education on account of their immigration status;

WHEREAS, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin, among other factors, by public elementary and secondary schools (Title IV) and by recipients of federal financial assistance (Title VI);

WHEREAS, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (“FERPA”) and Massachusetts law generally prohibit school districts and their employees from disclosing information from a student’s education record to a third party without the prior written consent of a parent, a legal guardian, or the student;

WHEREAS, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) and its predecessor have repeatedly affirmed as a general policy that federal immigration law enforcement officers must obtain prior approval from high-level DHS officials before conducting any enforcement actions — including arrests, interviews, searches, or surveillance — at or focused on schools, which DHS has designated as “sensitive locations”;

WHEREAS, LPS has custody of students during the school day and during hours of approved extracurricular activities, and it is the responsibility of LPS to protect each student’s rights regarding interactions with law enforcement officials;

WHEREAS, LPS does not ask for immigration status when families register children for schools; and

WHEREAS, the presence of federal immigration law enforcement officers on school premises or during school activities will disrupt the educational setting and will exert a chilling effect on student enrollment and attendance;

RESOLVED: That all LPS students have the same right to a free public education and associated school services, and that all LPS students will be treated equally regardless of their immigration status;

RESOLVED; That LPS personnel shall not inquire about, record, or request information intended to reveal the immigration status of a student, or a family member of a student or prospective student. Pursuant to the family education rights and privacy (”FERPA”), LPS personnel shall not disclose, without parental consent, the immigration status or other personally identifiable information of any student, prospective student, or family member of a student or prospective student. LPS personnel shall refuse all voluntary information sharing with immigration agents across all aspects of the District to the fullest extent permissible by the law.

RESOLVED: All federal immigration law enforcement officers, or other personnel acting to assist federal immigration law enforcement officers who request entrance to any Lynn Public School building or premises shall be brought to the main office of that building while notification is made to the superintendent. The superintendent will then notify the Attorney for the Lynn Public Schools and then immediately proceed to the subject school to meet with and ask for the immigration agent’s credentials, the reason for the agents visit, and a copy of a warrant signed by a federal or state Judge or Judicial Magistrate. Access shall not be granted in the absence of a valid warrant signed by a federal or state Judge or Judicial Magistrate.

RESOLVED: That all subpoenas or other requests received by LPS for any information from a student’s education record shall be forwarded immediately to the Attorney of the LPS who, in determining the response to such subpoenas or requests, shall consult with the Superintendent and shall exercise the full extent of the lawful authority of LPS to protect the constitutional and legal rights of LPS students;

RESOLVED: That within the next 90 days the Superintendent shall develop a plan for training teachers, administrators, and other staff on this policy and on best practices for ensuring the well-being of students who may be impacted by immigration by immigration enforcement actions. Such plan shall be implemented within the next five months, and shall be repeated annually;

RESOLVED: That LPS shall distribute a letter summarizing the contents of these resolutions to staff and parents in the most commonly-spoken languages of the City. This letter shall be posted at LPS Parent Information Center and provided in appropriate languages to parents or guardians of prospective students;

RESOLVED: That LPS will make available in each school for any family to access, and distribute to each student, a list of resources including community based organizations, legal service organizations, and other related information. When and where possible, translations of said materials, or access to translated materials will also be provided; and

RESOLVED: That a copy of these resolutions be delivered to the Massachusetts Attorney General and to Lynn’s federal, state and local legislative representatives.
Adopted by School Committee: May 11, 2017.

Acrobat PDF Icon Safe and Welcoming Resolution/Policy (PDF)
  Safe and Welcoming Policy | English
  Safe and Welcoming Policy | Arabic
  Safe and Welcoming Policy | Haitian
  Safe and Welcoming Policy | Khmer
  Safe and Welcoming Policy | Spanish
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Student Travel Regulations

1. Transportation
The use of private vans or private automobiles for trips planned to include late night or overnight student travel is prohibited. Late night or overnight trips will use commercial motor coaches.

Trips planned to include late night or overnight student travel will include a pre-trip check of companies, drivers, and vehicles. CORI checks will be conducted in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, section 38R.
The Superintendent or designee will ensure that the selected carrier is licensed for passenger transportation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The district will not contract with any carrier that has a safety rating of "conditional" or "unsatisfactory". FMCSA ratings are available at

The contract with the carrier will prohibit the use of subcontractors unless sufficient notice is given to the district that allows verification of the subcontractor's qualifications.

2. Trip Scheduling
Overnight accommodations should be made in advance with student safety and security in mind. Whenever possible, trip schedulers should avoid planning student travel between  the hours  of midnight and  6:00 a.m., due  to the increased  risk of vehicular  accidents during this time  period.

Whenever possible, overnight trips should be scheduled on weekends or during school vacations to minimize lost classroom time. Non-academic field trips are considered "optional school programs" and  do not  count toward  meeting structured learning time  requirements. (Refer to the Massachusetts Department of Education publication Student Learning Time Regulations Guide)

Trip itineraries must leave enough time  for drivers to rest in conformity with federal hour-of-service requirements  and common sense.
Trip scheduling should take into account the likelihood of delays due to weather, traffic, stragglers, and other unanticipated factors.

If substantially all members of a class are participating in a trip, the school should provide appropriate substitute activities for any students not  participating.

3. Fundraising
The amount of time to be devoted to fundraising should be reasonable and commensurate with students' obligations for homework, after-school activities, and jobs.

Group fundraising activities are preferred.  Students should not be assigned individual fundraising targets.

If students are charged individual fees for participation, every effort should be made to provide scholarships where needed.


All student trips which include late night or overnight travel must have prior approval of the School Committee. Initial approval by the School Committee is required before engaging students in fundraising activities. The School Committee will also consider the educational value of the trip in relation to the cost prior to granting initial approval. Overnight trips should offer significant educational benefits to students that clearly justify the time and expense of the trip. Such trips should be appropriate for the grade level.

Final approval will not be granted until all preparations for the trip have been completed including, but not limited to, all logistical details involving transportation, accommodation arrangements and fundraising efforts. The School Committee requires that final approval be sought no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled trip dates.

Teachers and other school staff are prohibited from soliciting for privately run trips through  the school system and in the schools. The School Committee will only review for approval school-sanctioned trips. The School Committee will not review or approve trips that are privately organized and run without school sanctioning.

APPROVED: March 10, 2004
CROSS REFS.: IJOA, Field Trips
LEGAL REFS.: CHAPTER 346 OF THE ACTS OF 2002 (et al) approved on October 9, 2002
M.G.L. 69:1B; 71:37N

Summer School

Introduction to Summer School

Summer School provides middle school and high school students the opportunity to recover courses failed over the course of the school year or to take courses for original credit to regain tracking for on-time graduation. Due to the web-based nature of digital curriculum, students work on the assignments outside of school in addition to required scheduled time in school in order to complete course-work.


In blended classrooms, students interact with digital curriculum and receive individualized support from a teacher. Because students engage in a self-directed program, teachers may differentiate instruction for each student by utilizing data to identify areas of weakness, and develop instructional interventions including small-group and individual direct instruction. This teacher-support leads to improved learning outcomes.  Each summer school course will have content-specific teachers on-site to supplement the digital curriculum, and these teachers will also be certified in APEX.

Enrollment Information:

Submit Application

Students may begin registering for summer school on June 1st.  A registration application will be made available at the office of each high school as well as on the Lynn Public Schools website.  Lynn Tech and Fecteau-Leary students may register for either the Lynn Classical or Lynn English program.
Refer to the application form for program specifics, dates, and times. 
Program Fees
Payment for summer school is cash or money order made out to Lynn Public Schools.

  • $125/one course and $25 for each additional course (LPS students).
  • $200/one course and $25 for each additional course (non LPS students).
  • LPS students with extreme financial hardship may petition to the Offices of the Deputy Superintendents for assistance.

Days and Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM to 12:00PM.   Please refer to the application form for the starting date.
Schedules will be provided to all students on day one.  All courses are expected to be completed within the summer school time frame.

Expected Attendance

Students must attend one hour each day for each assigned subject (English, Math, Science, History) until they finish the course.

Middle School

All middle school summer school classes will take place at Lynn Classical High School.  Middle school students will register at Lynn Classical during open enrollment which begins on June 1st and ends the day before summer school begins.

Course Completion and Grades

Students will be issued a final grade upon completion of the course.  This course will be posted on the student’s transcript.  The grade does not count towards the student’s cumulative average.  Non-LPS students will receive a letter of successful course completion to present to their own schools.

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  Summer School Policy
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Adopted by the Lynn School Committee on June 9, 2016 – Revised Policy

Guidelines for Visiting the Lynn Public Schools

It is School Committee policy to welcome all parents and other visitors to our schools and to encourage their active support of and involvement in the schools.  This policy permits parents and others to visit schools and classrooms and utilize school facilities including school parking lots, so long as the visits do not interfere with the work of students, teachers and/or other school employees.

All visitors, including School Department personnel, are expected to report to the school main office before going elsewhere in the building.  They will be required to sign in, noting their name, affiliation and reason for the visit, and wear a visitor badge. As part of the registration process, all visitors will be asked to provide their driver’s license or other photo-identification, which will be held by the main office for the duration of the visit. Car keys may be accepted in lieu of a driver’s license or photo ID at the discretion of the main office.

Upon conclusion of the visit, the visitor must return to the main office, sign out and return the visitor badge. Once the visitor has checked out, the main office staff will return the visitor’s driver’s license, ID, or keys as applicable.

Visitors may be required to park in certain designated spaces or at certain designated times in school parking lots.  All parents should be informed of these procedures through such means as is determined by the school.

Occasionally, visitors may disrupt school activities: by behaving inappropriately; by harassing staff; by shouting; or by insisting on visiting at inappropriate times.  Every effort should be made to work with such visitors to inform them of established procedures in an effort to eliminate future disruptions. When such disruptions occur, however, the building administrator may issue the offender a Trespass Warning pursuant to M.G.L. c. 266, § 120.  Attachment A provides an example of such a letter, with appropriate fields to be filled in by the building administrator. Such a Warning requires the offending party to contact the building administrator, or a designee, prior to appearing at school for any school-related matter.  Additionally, depending upon the nature of the inappropriate behavior, a building administrator may choose to substitute any of the following restrictions in the third paragraph of Attachment A:

  1. The visitor may be required to telephone prior to visiting the building to inform the building administrator of their intent in visiting the building.
  2. The visitor may be required to be accompanied by the building administrator or his/her designee to classrooms.
  3. Advance scheduling of consultations with teachers or other providers may be required.
  4. Parents delivering student(s) to school may be required to leave the student(s) at the front door and not be permitted to accompany them to the classroom.

This Warning should expire at the end of the academic year.  As is noted on the Trespass Warning, it is appealable through the Superintendent’s Office.

Additionally, by issuing the Trespass Warning, the building administrator is placing the disruptive visitor on notice that any further inappropriate behavior will result in the issuance of a Trespass Notice.  If inappropriate behaviors continue, Attachment B provides an example of such a trespass notice, again with fields to be completed by the building administrator. The Trespass Notice will be effective for one year from the date it was issued and may, in the reasonable exercise of the building administrator’s discretion, be renewed thereafter. Failure to comply with any restriction imposed by the Trespass Notice may result in the visitor’s arrest and prosecution for criminal trespass.  It, like the Trespass Warning, is appealable at the visitor’s election through the Superintendent’s Office.

In instances of extreme behavior, such as assault or battery of an administrator, faculty member, staff member or student, a building administrator may issue a Trespass Notice without prior issuance of a Trespass Warning.  Attachment C is an example of such a notice. Such a Trespass Notice as is contained in Attachment C should be reserved, however, for particularly egregious behavior where there is a particularized apprehension for the safety or well being for a member(s) of the school community.  Once issued, or until such time it is vacated, the named visitor is prohibited, under penalty of law, from entering or using school grounds for any reason.  This Trespass Notice is effective immediately and its duration is indefinite.  A copy of this Notice must be provided to the Lynn Police Department, the School Security Office, and the Office of Legal Advisor [Atty. Mihos] and also maintained in the school’s file.  A visitor’s failure to comply with this Notice will result in immediate arrest and prosecution for trespassing if it is violated. This Notice is likewise appealable through the Superintendent’s Office

Thank you for your cooperation in observing these guidelines. Be assured that our goal is to create a safe, secure, and positive learning experience for all our students and their families. Superintendent Catherine Latham

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  Visiting LPS Guidelines
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Approved by the School Committee | May 2014

While At School Related Policies and Guidelines

Animals At School
Policy and Guideline

Crowdfunding Policy
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Updated by the School Committee | March 2016

Home Education
Home Education Policy
Adopted by the School Committee September 2011

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Media Release For Students

School Councils
Conduct of School Council Business

Security Camera
Security Camera Policy and Guidelines


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