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Superintendent of Schools Dr. Catherine Latham, who has made the improvement of the adult-education program a priority, said she is very pleased with the results this far. “This program is providing a valuable service to members of our community,” Latham said. “Whether they are looking to obtain skills to prepare them for employment, or simply expand their horizons, there is something for everybody.”

The courses are taught primarily by Lynn Public Schools teachers and staff.

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LCEP Coordinator | Tony Dunn | (617) 699-1071
Lynn Public Schools - 100 Bennet St, Lynn, MA 01905 | (781) 593-1680
Superintendent: Dr. Catherine Latham

We reserve the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment. If that should occur, all tuition will be refunded in full.

Registration Information

There are two ways to register for spring LCEP courses.

  1. Attend our Open House Sessions, on Monday December 21st or Tuesday, January 5th from 6:30 – 8:00PM. The Open House will be located at the Library of Lynn Vocational Technical Institute, 80 Neptune Blvd.. Faculty members will be on hand to answer any questions about courses. Register and pay on this day as classes are first come, first served.

  2. Pay on your first day of class (if space is still available). During the first week of the term, staff will be on hand to register new students. On Monday January 25th, staff will register new students in the foyer of the gymnasium, located at 80 Neptune Boulevard. On Tuesday January 26th, staff will register new students in the Main Building, located at 80 Neptune Boulevard. On Wednesday and Thursday January 27 and 28th, staff will register new students in the Main Building. Please arrive 30 minutes before your class begins.

Any questions regarding registration, availability of classes, or directions can be sent to LCEP Coordinator Tony Dunn at
or by calling him at (617) 699-1071 or visit our Facebook page.

Class Locations

All LCEP classes are held at Lynn Vocational Technical Institute.

- Classes in the Main Building, Pool, or Gym are located at 80 Neptune Blvd.
- Classes in the Annex are located at 90 Commercial Street


Mondays |

005 Citizenship | $20
6:00-8:00PM (Operation Bootstrap) | Kim Wallace

Kim  will  lead  a  group  to  an  understanding of  history  and  testing requirements for people who wish to prepare for the Citizenship test.

019 Engineering Design | $60 plus $10 fee
6:00-8:00PM    (Room 3413A Main)       Malcolm Paradise

Learn to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to capture your ideas and then make them a reality by 3D printing them out. Students will be exposed to and then use Autodesk Inventor CAD to make their ideas come to life.

021 Lynn's Colorful Past | $60
How We Got Here- Workers, Radicals, Immigrants:

(Main Bldg) Instructors Crosby/Capano

Join Labor Historian Jeff Crosby and Lynn Historian Dena Capano for a
six week introduction to Lynn's colorful past. From Lynn's early Native American settlements to the Civil War, from the shoe industry to General Electric , Crosby and Capano will explore the lives of Lynn residents through the centuries and Lynn's future development. Lynn has been the source of many our our countries movements for progress, full of abolitionists, fighters for women's rights, and pioneering unions. Bring your own family history, visit some historic sights, and have fun.
Lynn, Lynn, City of......Social Justice Movements!

020 Foundations of Childcare Work | $60
6:00-8:00PM (Room TBD, Main)

Instructors will rotate by class Are you pursuing a career in childcare? Do you want to learn skills that will help you obtain work as a nanny or daycare teacher? Please join us for the "Foundations for Childcare Work," series, in which students will learn about child nutrition, infant care, positive discipline, and other important topics. Students who participate in all classes will receive certificates of completion that can be used as part of their job search.

Tuesdays |

008 Computer Applications | $60
(Data Center, Main)
Kathleen Aiello

An introduction to the Microsoft Suite of Applications, Kathleen will teach students the ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create professional looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Each application is featured for two weeks.

014 Cake Decorating | $60 plus $35 material 
1037, Annex)
Eric Richard

Chef Eric will introduce students to cake decorating tools, techniques and concepts. During the first three sessions, students will learn to torte, frost and decorate beautiful buttercream cakes with a variety of decorations and piping styles. The following three weeks students will learn to wrap and emboss fondant cakes as well as create amazing sugar paste decorations. Imaginations encouraged!

010 Intro to the Internet | $60
(Library Main)

Zach Weeks

We will teach students the basics of internet use, including sending and receiving e-mail, utilizing web searches, and browsing websites. Learners of all levels are welcome. Limited to 20 students.

009 Conversational Spanish  | $60
(Room 3105 Main)
LPS Instructor

In Conversational Spanish, veteran ESL teacher and native Spanish speaker Julio Bare will introduce helpful Spanish language phrases for any interested person. Spanish learners of all levels are welcome.

004 Introduction to Oil Burner Technician | $60

(Room 3512 Main)                        
Jim Walsh

Jim will introduce students to basic electrical controls, oil burner operation and safety, all components, sequences and operations associated with home heating systems. There will also be discussions on careers in the HVAC industry

016Carpentry | $60 plus $30 Material Fee
6:00 – 8:00pm
(Carpentry Shop Main)
Peter Sheridan

This class will teach the aspiring Woodworker how to safely handle the tools of the trade. Students will learn how to build a Adirondack chair by following the set of blue prints and instructions. Power tools and hand tool safety and use will be covered.

022 Basic Auto Body Repair | $60  Material cost $35
Main bldg.
Instructor Barry McCaul       

Covering basic scratch repair. We will also do basic dent repair. We
will learn auto collision terminology, and we will do basic detailing of vehicles. What we will NOT be doing is rust and rot. We will learn about proper personal protective equipment and ergonomics as it relates to auto collision.

Wednesdays |

015 Introduction to Welding solodadura
$60 plus $30 Material Fee

(Room 3075 Main)
Joseph Fountain, Fernando Medrano

Art will cover safety and health requirements pertaining to the welding
trade. He will also teach students how to properly set up and perform basic welding on carbon steel. This class is limited to 15 students. Habla espanol

012 Yoga | $60
(ECD gym, Annex)
Lisa Lynch

Lisa will lead one and one half hour sessions of introductory Yoga.
Students should have their own mats and workout gear.

008S Computer Applications in Spanish | $60
Monday and Wednesday 
(Data Center,
Pablo Vargas


Aprenda a utilizar la famosísima suite de ofimática que incluye Word como procesador de textos por excelencia; Excel que es la aplicación más usada en el mundo para la creación y gestión de hojas de cálculo;  y PowerPoint que es un programa que permite la creación y el desarrollo de presentaciones de multimedios. Conozca las ventajas que ofrece la incorporación de la vista previa en directo en la aplicación de distintos formatos y estilos sin la necesidad de aplicarlos realmente. Dos horas cada miércoles, durante dos semanas.

023 Vegan Cooking | Tuition $60 Material Fee TBD
Yonerky Santana Annex (Tiger’s Den)
6 –

Learn to cook plant-based, gluten-free foods from a variety of cultural
backgrounds. We will recreate traditional Middle Eastern, Caribbean and Oriental popular, nutritious dishes.
You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for healthy food. Join us and learn
how to cook plant-based gluten-free foods with simple ingredients.


Cancellation Information

LCEP classes can be cancelled due to inclement weather. When classes are cancelled, all students will be e-mailed and a notice will be placed on the ‘Lynn Community Enrichment Program’ Facebook page. If you would like to check about a class cancellation by phone, you can call or text (781) 832-0222. A response will be given as soon as possible.

Make Up Classes

Any postponed classes will be made up during the 7th week of LCEP, from November 19th to November 21st


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