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Welcome To The Classical English Language Learners Department

  1. The primary purpose of the ELL/SEI program is to provide non-English speaking students with an educational environment that gives them the supports they need for success.
  2. This program includes techniques and methodology, designed to teach ELL students social and academic English language skills within their content classes.
  3. The instruction is in English and is designed to develop competency and a language base for grade level curriculum
  4. The program develops oral proficiency with the integration of reading and writing.
  5. Students who have limited or interrupted formal schooling go to our Newcomer Program in order to prepare for grade 9.
  6. Students who have current transcripts are assigned to their appropriate grade/ proficiency level  
  7. Most students spend 2 full years within the program. (Going from ESL A level to B level).  Students in their 3rd year take one mainstream English class and one mainstream social studies class supported by one additional English class within the ESL program. These students may take mainstream or SEI science and math classes based on teacher recommendation and/or MCAS results.  ESL students transition into full mainstream classes in their 4th year.

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