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Classical Physical Education-Health Department

PE Requirements
Students should come to class with a change of cloths prepared to participate in the activities of the day. Students that have physical education the last period of the day will jog at their own pace. We are on a 12 minute run. We increase one minute every week. This activity is a major part of their grade.

Physical Education Syllabus
Physical Education is a participation-based class, in which all students have an opportunity to excel.

The expectation is that all students will participate in class. All Physical Education classes meet mostly everyday for a semester. The following units will be taught and explored during the course of the semester in Physical Education:

  • Proper Warm-up/Cool Down
  • Weight training and Cardio Activities
  • Basketball
  • Wiffleball                                                                   
  • Soccer
  • Floor Hockey
  • Pillow Polo
  • Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Fitness Walking
  • Team Handball
  • Colonyball
  • Matball
  • Table Tennis
  • Football
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Badminton

Students will participate in each activity for 1-2 weeks. The activities may change due to facilities and weather conditions. Evaluation is based on daily participation, dress, and sportsmanship. Students with seven or more unexcused absences per quarter will receive an automatic failing grade. A student can receive a zero for the day if he or she fails to change into appropriate attire and footwear, does not participate in the day’s lesson, or displays inappropriate behaviors during class. The following scale show the amount of zeros received in regards to a student’s grade:

  • 0-2= A
  • 3-4= B
  • 5-6= C
  • 7-8= D
  • 9 or more = F

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