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Welcome To Classical's "School is a Safe Place to Get Help"

Breakfast and Lunch Provided every day
Homework Help Afterschool every day - See List of Nights Back on this page.
Six (6) Guidance Counselors
A Corridor, First Floor
Provide academic, social and emotional support to all students.
Three (3) Vice Principals
1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors
Establish a safe, well-disciplined and productive learning environment for all students in accordance with the LPS discipline code.
Teen Health Center
D Corridor
Provides support to students with behavioral and mental health issues. A Nurse Practitioner, Prescriber and Counselors are available with certain insurances.
School Nurses
D Corridor
Two nurses who triage students with physical, mental and behavioral health issues.
School Social Worker
Library Office
Meets with students referred by the nurses, Teen Health Center, guidance counselors, administrators and teachers.
Homeless Liaison
Ms. Comeau - Guidance
Helps students who may have housing concerns/issues or does not live with a biological parent.  Assists in providing clothing, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc…
Peer Mediator
Alexis Kopoulos - Guidance Office
Helps students resolve interpersonal issues.
Alex Vasquez - Guidance Office
Helps students complete high school and continue on to higher education; career exploration, tutoring, college visits, SAT prep, college admission process & more!
School Adjustment Counselor
George Shea - Guidance Office
Tuesdays and Thursdays) Meets with students who have an emotional disability.
Guidance Office
Provider from North Shore Hospice (now CareDimensions) facilitates groups with the School Social Worker for students experiencing loss/grief.
Parenting Coordinator
Francie Sudak - Nurse’s Office
Supports and advocates pregnant and/or parenting students.
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Teacher's Nights Back - By Department - School Year 2018-2019

After School Library
  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
In The  Library 2:30 until 4 PM
English Department
  Mondays and by Appointment
ELL Department
Monday Clotaire - A203
Liria - A106
Turek - B213
Tuesday Curtis and Brown - A201
Thursday Harris and MacPhee - A201
Foreign Language Department
Every Night Mrs. Lyle - Language Office
Tuesday Gilmartin - C207
Ramos and Sagardia - C205
Whittaker - C202
Thursday Blume - C207
Cafferty -  C203
Daniels and Webber - C105
Bida -  C206
Math and Technology Departments
Monday Arnold - A205
Doulis - B303
Karalis - A205
McNulty - B207
Palmeira - C106
Petkewich - B307
Phelps - C101
Richards - B105
Skinner - A101
Tuesday Ghili - C102
Mack - B202
Tolley - Library
Wednesday Arnold -  A205
Chechile - B304
Johnston - Library
Kennedy -  A103
Wakefield - A206
Thursday Christian - A204
Dean - TV Studio
Tenenholtz - A205
Everyday Farhat - A207
Music and Art Department
Monday  Warren - D101
Tuesday  Munafo - B108
Thursday Sutton - D102
Physical Education Department
 Monday  Devin - Athletic Office
Peterson - Gym
Erekson - Gym
Wednesday Wiendzack - Gym
Science Department
Monday Canfield - B210
Lander - B310
Rosenthal - B308
Winchester -  B211
Tuesday Baglieri - B309
Chesley - B311
Fannon - B304
Laurey - B308
Wednesday Dasilva - B212
Ellis - B311
Farese - B212
Metayer - B312
Moriarty - Science Office B209
Sevinc - B203
Thursday Sicard - B311
Smiley - B209
Social Studies Department
Monday Z. Johnson - C103
Dormady - A303
LeBlanc - A302
Tuesday Deluca - A104
R. Johnson -  C107
Poland - A305
Stanley -  A304
Vinciarelli - A106
Guerin - B302
Wednesday Capano - A301
Washington - A307
Curley - B101
Sutton - D101
Orrell - C203
Thursday Tabacco -  C302
Spiliakos - A306
Hanson - C302
Murphy - B302
Special Education Department
Monday Ayer - A109
Bakas - Library
Dill - D103
Marc - A109
Picone - D103
Rosenthal -  B301
Ryan - C302
Toomey - B306
Wentzell - B201
Tuesday Lyman - D104
Ross - B301
Wednesday Camire - C301
Ellis - B311
Thursday Perham - B201

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