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Weclome To Classical's School Safety Procedures - Additional to Handbook

1. Do not ever allow entry into our building by opening the door for anyone. 

2. Please do not drop off students before 7 AM. No students are allowed in the building before that time as we do not have proper supervision.

3. Effective Tuesday the back doors by the teachers parking lot now will be locked before school. Students are expected to enter from the main parking lot doors by the Nurses office or the main office doors by the front of the school.

4. Upon entering school after 7 AM, all students are only allowed in the Cafeteria. No one is allowed in any other area of the school until 7:45 AM.

5. At the close of school, all students must be in a supervised activity after 3:00 PM. The Library is open Monday through Thursday until 3:45 PM.

6. All student athletes must exit the building from the Gym area after practices and games.

7. Visitors and students who arrive tardy to school must be visible (no hoods, sunglasses, etc. that hinder identification) before the main office will allow entry.

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