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Welcome to the Lynn Classical High School History Department website, here at LCHS we strive to bring history alive for our students. Incoming 9th graders will continue their study of world history and will take World History II. 10th and 11th graders will shift their focus to the history of the United States, and in the 12th grade seniors will have several history electives to choose from. Below please find the descriptions of each course.

Grade 9 - In World History II, students study the rise of the nation state in Europe and the economic and political roots of the modern world, including the Industrial Revolution, 19th century political reform in Western Europe, and European imperialism in Africa, Asia, and South America. They also examine the causes and consequences of the great military and economic events of the past century, including World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the Russian and Chinese revolutions, the rise of nationalism, and the continuing persistence of political, ethnic, and religious conflict in many parts of the world.

Grade 10 - In U.S. History I, students examine the historical and intellectual origins of the United States during the Revolutionary and Constitutional eras. Students study the basic framework of American democracy and the basic concepts of America government, as well as America’s westward expansion, the establishment of political parties, economic and social change, sectional conflict, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.

Grade 11 - In U.S. History II, students analyze the causes and consequences of the Industrial Revolution and America’s growing role in international relations. Students study the goals and accomplishments of the Progressive movement and the New Deal. Students also learn about the various factors that led to America’s entry into World War I and World War II as well as the consequences of World War II for American life. Finally, students study the causes and course of the Cold War, important economic and political changes during the Cold War, such as the Civil Rights movement, and recent events and trends that have shaped modern-day America.

Grade 12 - The U.S. government elective provides a framework for understanding the purposes, principles, and practices of American government as established by the United States Constitution. Students are expected to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens and how to exercise these rights and responsibilities in local, state, and national government.

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