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March/April 2020 Home Learning Resources and Assignments

All Algebra 1 course material, notifications, and communication is available on Jupiter.
While we are away, students should continue with Khan Academy. Each student has a login: if you have forgotten yours, please contact me via jupiter or at skinnera@lynnschools.org for help resetting your password, or about any other technical issue you may have so we can work around it.
Additionally, we will be using Flipped Math for extra practice. You may complete the work either using JunoPods (via Jupiter - not all are available yet) or with the attached .pdfs.

For video lesson components, please go to the following links:
Flipped Math 1 - Standard Form
Flipped Math 2 - Solving Systems by Graphing
Flipped Math 3 - Solving Systems by Substitution
Flipped Math 4 - Solving Systems by Elimination
Flipped Math 5 - Systems of Inequalities

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