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Lynn Classical High School English Department
Barbara Williams Teacher
Class Syllabus Grade 10
Classroom Location Room C103
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“Your job right now is to find out what you want to do with your life.  So try hard, take yourself seriously, keep an open mind, and learn to love and forgive.  My job is to model those behaviors.”

Graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts in English (UMass, Amherst).  Worked in Boston for eleven years in several marketing communications positions.  Earned an MA in Teaching in 2007.  Certified in moderate disabilities, English and middle school math.

Update: March 15, 2020

Dear Students and Parents: you will find all assignments, on Jupiter. Use this site for resources, such as reference material, links to websites that are helpful, MCAS material, and other documents to hep you develop your reading comprehension and written expression.

Feel free to contact me directly at williamsb@lynnschools.org with any questions or comments.
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