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Lynn Classical High School Social Studies Department
Charles Orrell Teacher
Class Syllabus Multiple Grades
Classroom Location Room C-203 and Room A-105
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Born and raised in Melrose, graduating from Melrose High Class of '99. I went on to earn an AS in Business Administration and Accounting from Middlesex Community College. I made the decision with a semester left to switch to becoming a history teacher. I graduated from Salem State University in 2013 with a BA in History and a minor in Secondary Education. I have since gone on to earn my Masters degree from Salem State in History and earned a certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

I have been in education for over five years and have taught multiple levels of students in subjects ranging from US History I to various electives, such as Pop Culture in Film, and Sociology. Before that, I had made a career in banking for more than a decade while pursuing my goal of becoming a teacher.

I have a passion for history and having open and honest conversations with students about various topics we cover in class. I hope my passion, excitement, and energy get passed along and the students enjoy learning about these topics as much as I enjoy teaching (most of) them.

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