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Prior to teaching I was a paraprofessional in a variety of special education classrooms; I had the privilege to work with many devoted educators who inspired me to teach. I received a Bachelor’s Degree from Lesley University and M.ED from A.I.C. I am certified in Special Education and English. I am very passionate and dedicated to our student success.

Our TLC program is committed to students graduating as full-functioning adults, ready to participate in a global economy and ready to take on challenges that will confront them. I hope that you will be engaged in the process as well, by involving yourself in your student’s learning and overall academic process.

English Grade 9 | Emphasis is placed on developing basic reading skills/strategies, writing process, critical thinking skills, and verbal skills. Computer assisted instruction (Read 180) will be integrated into the lessons through individualized pacing and group instruction.

English Grade 10 | Students will continue to develop communication skills in reading for information, writing narrative and descriptive essays, and speaking and listening skills.  Computer assisted instruction (Read 180) will be integrated into the lessons through individualized pacing and group instruction.

World History 11 Grade 9 | Students will be exposed to World History concepts and themes with a focus on applicability to daily life.

Vocational/Life Skills Grades 9 and 10 | This course is designed to support a student’s transition goals and objectives determined by an IEP. Students will explore household management, independent living after high school, etiquette, and living a healthy lifestyle.

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