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April 2020 Update - Remote Learning Resources and Assignments

Natalie Turek - English - ELA - ESL
ELLD 2 elld_2_work_copy
Dear ELLD 2 Students,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy inside their home!
We are going to be doing a project on the topic of healthy living when we return to school that includes using the skill of comparing and contrasting different ways of eating and living healthy.
***Please read the attached 4 articles and write a paragraph describing the arguments the authors talk about in terms of being healthy. You need to use specific details from the text to prove this is the author’s argument.
You can send the paragraph in a Jupiter message or to my email at TurekN@lynnschools.org .
You can also message me with any questions.
Ms. Turek
ESL 3  
Hello ESL 3 Students,

I hope you are all safe and healthy! Your first priority during this time away from school should be making up any missing work you have for this class and your other classes.

***In terms of work for Level 3:
Each week by Friday I want you to write me a story and record yourself telling the story using your phone. The story can be about anything. It can be like a journal where you tell me what you did for the week or you can use a prompt like the following:

My Best Memory - My Worst Memory - My Goals - My Best Friend - My Hero - My Dream is…
Why I left my Country - My Favorite Place - The Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Done

These are just some examples, but you can write whatever you want. Write it first on paper and then record yourself saying the story. You can send both on Jupiter together as one message.

These stories and recordings will be due by:
--Friday, 3/20 --Friday, 3/27 --Friday, 4/3

Please message me on Jupiter or at my email with any questions.
Ms. Turek
ESL 4  
Hi ESL 4 Students!

I hope you are all safe and healthy. We are out for at least 3 weeks, but during this time we will continue to study the question of should college be free. If you have any missing work that you want to send to me, you can message me on Jupiter or email me at turekn@lynnschools.org .

We will treat this like an online discussion like they do in some college classes. You will watch the video below and write your reaction in the Jupiter message. Then you will also write a response to what one other student wrote. You will have until 12 pm on Monday, March 23 to complete this assignment, then the next video will be sent out.

VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/ZeThhqpZ9oI

Response to the video (use 1):
-In my opinion, _____________________ is strong evidence that shows ________________.
-According to Myles Bess in the video,____________________.
-My position is ______________. Evidence from the video that supports my position is ___________.
-One new piece of information that I learned from the video is __________________________.

Response to other students’ comments (use 1):
•I agree with________________________ because __________________________.
•I respectfully disagree with ______________ because _____________________________.
•I used to think __________________, but (Student's name) viewpoint changed my understanding. Now I think __________________.
•(Student's name), I liked the evidence you used to show ________________________.
• (Student's name), when I read what you said about _____________, I was surprised because ___________.

**Remember, this is a group discussion, so EVERYONE IN THE CLASS CAN SEE YOUR MESSAGES. If you have a private question or comment for me, please write it in a new message.

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