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“There is no such thing as the Queen’s English. The property has gone into the hands of a joint stock company and we own the bulk of the shares!”
Mark Twain

March/April 2020 Home Learning Resources and Assignments

Dear Level 2 Students,

I hope everyone is healthy and relaxed. I am sending you a document with work for both your ESL 2 and ELLD 2 classes. The document starts with work for ESL 2 and then continues with work for ELLD 2. Please let me know if you have any questions through Jupiter messages. The directions for Level 2 are as follows:
Directions: We are studying text structures and authors' purpose. Remember there are 5 main types of text structures:
• Describe
• Compare and Contrast
• Cause and Effect
• Problem and Solution
• Sequencing
Please read the following 5 texts and write a paragraph about each. You can send the paragraph in a Jupiter message to your teacher or by email at MacPheeG@lynnschools.org or harrist@lynnschools.org depending who is your teacher. You can also message us any questions.
Title the message: ESL 2 Text ___ (number of the text) paragraph
The paragraph should follow the following format:
• Topic: In the article “____________” the author talks about __________________.
• Argument: The author uses a ______________ (*Here choose between the 5) text structure to explain the topic.
• Specific evidence 1 from the text of this structure (your own words, we are not using quotes)
• Specific evidence 2 from the text of this structure (your own words, we are not using quotes)
• Specific evidence 3 from the text of this structure (your own words, we are not using quotes)
• The author uses this structure for the purpose of ______________________ (*su proposito/objetivo)
• Conclusion: The author uses a __________ (*same text structure from the argument) text structure to explain the topic of ___________ (*same from the topic).

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