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Amanda Anderson
Applied Chemistry, Grade 10 and
Forensic Science, Grade 11
Room 302
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Welcome to my classroom! My name is Ms. Anderson.
March 2020 Update
  Remote Learning Resources and Assignments  
Amanda Anderson Forensic Science
Students will examine the changing field of forensics. Topics covered will include the CSI Effect of media on jurors, current controversies over the use of forensic science in the courtroom and true crime cases. Students will write a research paper summarizing what they have learned. Students may choose any true crime case they wish however be aware of the validity of sources.
Amanda Anderson, Nickerson Cammett, Wayne Coscia
Chemistry & Physics
Nuclear Chemistry & Physics
In this unit students will cover the topic of nuclear chemistry & physics, ranging from the particle theory of matter
to its future applications for humanity. Specific focus areas include:
• the different types of radiation
• particle half-life
• nuclear fission and fusion
• the application of radioactivity
This module has students read the unit, answer the section review questions, complete supplemental worksheets
for additional practice, and engage in a follow-up virtual lab for content reinforcement.
Course Syllabus  
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  Applied Chemistry Syllabus
  Forensic Investigations Syllabus

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