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English and SAT Prep For Grades 10 and 11
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Welcome to Ms. Mishkin's home page!

I have the pleasure of teaching 10th grade Honors and CPI English along with SAT prep (English section) to 10th and 11th graders. I believe that a teacher serves many roles, but the most important role is to foster a love of learning. Education and success in life and clearly tied together. High school is a time in a student's life in which big decisions are made. In fact, what happens in high school often affects the rest of a student's life.

I am deeply committed to giving ALL students the greatest opportunities to learn and strengthen character development. Whatever a student's goals, I feel responsible and capable of helping students achieve those goals. I truly love what I do. My hope is that all students find passion and satisfaction in their educational and career choices.
April 2020 Update
  Remote Learning Resources and Assignments  
April 1, 2020  
English - English Language Learners: transitional class
Attached is a list of common English-Spanish cognates that will help you in your writing, reading, and speaking. These are words that are similar in sound and meaning between the two languages. Study and practice the pronunciation of these words to improve your English skills. You can also look online for more "English-Spanish cognates. Estudie estas palabras que son los mismos en ingles y espanol. Practique much.
English- Honors 10th grade
Attached is a template that you can use to write an essay on To Kill a Mockingbird after you have finished the book. If you complete the essay, you can email it to me in a word document on my school email address or send it to me in googledocs on my gmail account: mishkinjudy@gmail.com
English Honors 10th grade
Attached is a series of Bloom's taxonomy questions based on To Kill a Mockingbird. Fill in the questions after completing the novel. When you are finished, you can email me your responses in a word document on my school email address: mishkinj@lynnschools.org or on googledocs on my gmail account: mishkinjudy@gmail.org
English 10th grade CPI
Finish reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven. You will complete the questions based on Bloom's taxonomy rubric on the novel. After completing the assignment, attach in a word document to my school email: mishkinj@lynnschools.org or write in a googledocs and mail to mishkinjudy@gmail. com
English Grade 10 -documents
Attached are the wordlywise power points that you are familiar with from class. You can learn the vocabulary words by watching each of the power points.
English 10 CPI & Honors
MCAS packet "When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom" and "Instead of Detention, These Students Get Meditation" Write the rough draft from the prompt based on these two excerpts.
English Grade 10
There are two practice MCAS tests attached. You can read these passages and answer the multiple choice questions and open response prompts at the end of the reading passages. -documents
Attached are the wordly wise power points and packets for vocabulary #7, #8, and #9. Download the power point, watch it, and then complete the packet as you have done all year -documents
Attached you will find wordly wise power points for lessons #11 and #12. You will find lesson #12 packet. Download powerpoints and watch them. Learn the new vocabulary words for the lesson. Then complete packet #12. -documents
Attached are the wordly wise power points and lessons for vocabulary #12, #13, and #14. Download the power point and packets, watch the power point and then complete the packet. -documents
English Honors See Note Below
Finish reading To Kill A Mockingbird. Text is accessible on line if you do not have your book. Finish answering all the questions for each of the chapters. Complete the page at the end of the questions about major themes of the novel.
English 10 transitional learning English -documents
Attached are MCAS reading passages that are appropriate for preparation for the MCAS test. Read the passages and answer the multiple choice questions at the end of each of the passages.
English - CPI  
Finish reading the novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven. The book is also accessible on line. There is an audio version of the book if you choose to listen to it. Answer all the questions you have been given on the novel.
English 10 EL
This is Mrs. Mishkin. Here is a website that you can access. Pick any activity from the menu on the left. Scroll down to see more choices. Start with the crossword puzzles. Then you can move on to the reading comprehension skills. You can determine from your own skill level which literary passages will be the right level for you. www.englishmaven.org

Esta es la señora Mishkin. Aquí hay un sitio web al que puede acceder. Elija cualquier actividad del menú de la izquierda. Desplácese hacia abajo para ver más opciones. Comience con los crucigramas. Luego puede pasar a las habilidades de comprensión de lectura. Puede determinar a partir de su propio nivel de habilidad qué pasajes literarios serán el nivel adecuado para usted. www.englishmaven.org
Course Syllabus  
New Item Course Info and Syllabus Download (PDF/WORD)  
  English SAT Prep Syllabus

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