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Sergeant Major Kenneth Oswald
Junior ROTC
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The effects of the Marine Corps JROTC program reach far beyond the classroom and into the community in developing character, leadership, and civic responsibility in tens of thousands of America’s kids. Marine Corps JROTC at its essence is a character education program.

The program keeps kids in school, helps them find their way during the turbulent teenage years, and assists them in becoming productive members of their community. Our program produces young men and women who are ready to accept the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship.

We are rightfully proud of our contribution to America’s future and thankful for the dedicated instructors, staff, school administrators, and communities whose hard work and commitment make the program’s success possible.
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April 2020 Update
  Remote Learning Resources and Assignments  
Junior ROTC
SgtMaj Oswald - MCJROTC oswaldsm@lynnschools.org
Please use the following link to access instructions and course work. Copy and paste in your browser.
If you cant access the link complete the Core Class work provided. documents
  April 17, 2020  
  Cadet Assignment 21-24 April 1317_april_personal_hygiene
  le1c3s2t1_personal_hygiene le1c3s2t1pg89102_personal_hygiene
  Cadet Assignment 27 April to 1 May april_27may_1_nourishing_your_body
  le1c3s2t8_nourishing_your_body le1c3s2t8pg167181_nourishing_your_body
  Cadet Assignment 4-8 May may_48_becoming_a_better_listener
  le1c3s4t3__becoming_a_better_listener le1c3s4t3pg219224_becoming_a_better_listener
  Cadet Assignment 11-15 May may_1115_the_job_application_and_interview
  le2c4s1t2_the_job_application_and_the_interview le2c4s1t2pg117124_the_job_application_and_the_interview
  Assignment 18-22 May may_1822_resolving_conflicts_in_a_group
  le4c1s6t4_resolving_conflicts_in_a_group le4c1s6t4pg18_resolving_conflicts_in_a_group
  Assignment 26-29 May may_2629_college_preparation
  le3c4s1t3__college_preparation le3c4s1t3pg5962_college_preparation
  Assignment 1-5 June june_15_motivational_principles_and_techniques
  le2c1s6t1__motivational_principles_and_techniques le2c1s6t1pg3337_motivation_principles_and_techniques
  Assignment 8-12 June june_812_physical_training_the_daily_16
  le1c3s1t1__physical_trainingthe_daily_sixteen le1c3s1t1pg6178_physical_fitness_training__the_daily_sixteen
  Assignment 15-18 June june_1518_you_are_what_you_eat
  le1c3s2t7__you_are_what_you_eat le1c3s2t7pg161165_you_are_what_you_eat
  April 8, 2020 cadet_assingment_1317_april_personal_hygiene
  le1c3s2t1__personal_hygiene le1c3s2t1pg89102_personal_hygiene
  Cadet Assingment 13-17 April Personal Hygiene. Review and submit you response via e-mail.
  April 7, 2020  
  MCJROTC Assignment for 6-10 April. Review the power power point and worksheet. Respond with what you learned as directed in the instruction.
  cadet_assingment_610_april_2020 core_skill_2_civic_responsibility_test
  April 3, 2020  
  During this time we want you stay physically fit. Here are some workouts that you and your family can do while at home. For runners, you can run on a treadmill, there are activities for younger siblings, a work out for beginners, a PT Card for cadets, and HIIT training. Enjoy your workout!
  5k_beginner basic_work_out
  5k_intermediate elementary_school_fitness
  5k_advanced middle_school_fitness
  hiit_training pt_card_1
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