Through RAW Art Works at Fecteau- Leary our youth participated in the Vans Custom Culture contest. We received four different pairs of Vans with four themes to work with : art, music, action sports, and local flavor (Lynn!) We created design teams and brainstormed concepts and ideas using shoe templates as a starting point.

Youth then sketched and painted directly onto the shoes. 2-3 students worked on each pair in teams. Working together to plan and create required a continuous conversation about flexibility and compromise while working as a member of a team. When the shoes were finished we went over to RAW to take professional photos of the shoes in the film school studio.

Successes include excellent teamwork, creative concepts, perseverance, and feeling proud of the finished product. We find out April 19th if we make it into the top 50! The final winner receives 50k towards their school's art department as well as their designs being made into real vans shoes!