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Lynn Vocational Technical High Social Studies Department
David Fusco Grade 8 Civics Teacher
Syllabus 2021-2022 Paceguide_2021-2022
Classroom Location Room 2060A - Annex

Course Description
Grade 8 students study the roots and foundations of U.S. democracy, how and why it has developed over time, and the role of individuals in maintaining a healthy democracy. Students study these topics by exploring guiding questions such as, “How have concepts of liberty and justice affected the United States democratic system of government?” and “What rights and responsibilities do citizens have in a democratic republic?”

Course Objectives

The course allows you to develop their understanding of what civics is and how the United States and Massachusetts government operates. Throughout the year we will gradually build on our understanding of primary documents and sources. Readings, class activities and class discussions will help develop and enhance your critical thinking, writing and collaboration skills. We will begin preparation for more advanced skills and tasks that are expected in the following years of High School.

Summary of Course Content by Topics:

• Rights and responsibilities of citizens
• The philosophical foundations of the United States political system
• The development of the United States government
• The institutions of the United States government
• The Constitution, Amendments, and Supreme Court decisions
• The structure of Massachusetts state and local government
• Freedom of the press and news/media literacy


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