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List LVTI Recent Accomplishments  

LVTI promoted the District-wide Goals and Objectives…
1. Emphasize and support standards-based instruction
- Revised Common Curriculum within all academic courses to include common assessments, Mid-terms and Final Exams using Common Planning Time
- Realign all Vocational Technical curricula to align with DESE-required CVTE competencies to be tracked via VTCTS in all technical programs

2. Emphasize and support data-driven decision making
- Student Data and Assessment Coordinator (SDAC) uses MCAS data, and numerous other data sources to align personalized MCAS remediation strategies to improve student performance
- SDAC also uses this data to coordinate unified Math Initiative problems in all Academic and Technical areas to address identified competencies in need of improvement

3. Enhance education through technology
- 9 Additional Smart Boards and training for ALL staff
- OSHA, MCAS and Career Center Computer Labs
- Graphics MAC Lab, Adobe Creative Suite Software and Silk-Screen Press
- VTCTS Competency and Computer Literacy training for CTE Staff
- Computer Literacy Exploratory for ALL Grade 9 students

4. Reduce drop-outs and support students and families
- Introduction of "Kick-Off" Student Support and Mentor program and total immersion into school day through coordinated HR sessions
- 4-Year Career/College Plan coordinated by Guidance Counselors with dedicated use of Career Center
- Addition of Non-Traditional Support programs
- Increase availability of Parent-Student Support programs

5. Support full inclusion for students in Special Education and ESL classes
- Maintain current status of SPED Inclusion staff and SEI support staff both in academics and technical programs
- Increase availability of use of Learning Center for students in need
- Offer on-going and daily after-school homework coaching and Saturday School
- Provide ESL-supported MCAS Remediation

6. Improve Vocational Technical Education
- Continue to provide new and updated equipment/technology and opportunities in all program areas: 2010-11 Focus
- Auto Tech : All-Data Software/Wheel Alignment System/Tire Balancing System/NATEF Recertification
- Auto Collision: Damage Estimating Software/Spot Welder
- Graphics/TV Media: Adobe Creative Suite Software Package
- Computer Programming: Microsoft Office Media Kit and Microsoft Office Pro Software
- Culinary: POS System
- Carpentry: Dust Extractor/Recirculation System (Phase 2)/ Internal Dust Extractor/Recirculation System
- Support realignment of all technical program curricula:
- All CTE programs are aligning their curriculum more closely to the MA CVTE Frameworks in a well-defined 3-year sequence that will include a comprehensive 8-week overview for Freshman after Exploratory ends.
- Addition of Embedded CVTE Strands in all grade 10-11-12 CTE Programs that includes Embedded PE/Health (Strands 1/4/5); Entrepreneurship and Management (Strands 4/5); OSHA 10-Hour Certification and Safety (Strand 1)Investigate new technical program opportunities:
1. Introduce Pre-Engineering using the National PLTW Engineering curriculum
2. Re-introduce Early Child Care and its ties to the AHANA Program at Salem State/NSCC
3. Incorporate Robotics elective into Electronics Major
4. Incorporate a Computer Design/Photography component into Graphics and TV/Media
5. Expand Skills USA opportunities for ALL students
- Expanded Exploratory Rotations: 19 Exploratory rotations of 7-8 days covering all 15 CTE Programs and CVTE-required strands that include Strand 1 (Intro to OSHA Safety), Strands 4/5 (Entrepreneurship), Strand 6 (Computer Literacy Skills) and Career Guidance (to begin DESE-required 4-year Career Portfolio)
6. 5 Improve Academic Programs
- Support realignment of all Academic curricula to insure curriculum in all academic areas meets or exceeds LPS district-wide standards and is the same found in all Lynn HSs.
- Honors courses have been added for all grades 9-12 and will be expanded upon in 2011-12.
- AP courses are being offered for 2011-12

7. Assist, support and improve lower-performing schools
- Addition of new MCAS Student Assessment Coordinator
- Summer MCAS prep pilot session
- Saturday School MCAS Prep sessions
- Period 3 Embedded Offerings
- Increase Learning Center availability
- Maintain Support classes in SPED and ESL departments

8. Attract and retain highly qualified teachers
- Currently all staff at LVTI hold licensure in areas taught or were granted a waiver in good faith to be licensed within the year

9. Explore innovative programs that support improved student achievement
- Continue the Reading and Writing initiatives across the curriculum in all academic and technical areas
- Introduced Math initiative across the curriculum in all academic and technical areas

10. Maintain safe and drug-free schools
- New Anti-Bully Liaison for LVTI
- New Freshmen Mentor Program
- New external lock system
- Additional card readers for building access
- Addition of After-school Support Clubs
- Incorporation of major Community Service projects school-wide that connect the students and staff to the community is an effort to give back to the community in many ways:
-) Toys for Tots (Class of 2013)
-) Elementary Schools and Nursing Home Volunteers (NHS/SkillsUSA/Health Tech)
-) Adopt-a-Park (whole school)
-) Student Tutors
-) Plus many more….
- By continuing to support the goals of the school to insure a safe environment is in place for all students and to encourage and support positive change to achieve these goals


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