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Is an excellent program for young men and women who are interested in the high demand area of health care and human services. Students are provided with a knowledge based in human behavior and development, geriatrics, nursing assistant skills, medical terminology, and nutrition. Students work toward meeting both classroom and clinical requirements to be eligible for state and/or national certification testing. Students preparing for the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) certification focus on the care of the resident or patient in an in-patient setting. Students work in a variety of settings including extended nursing care, and rehabilitative facilities, gaining experience communicating and working with the elderly. There is a strong emphasis on mathematics and written verbal communication skills that are necessary for the health care professional.

LVTI HEALTH TECHNOLOGY! Sophmores recently visited NSCC to explore careers in healthcare. Students participated in...

Posted by Lynn Public Schools on Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Lynn Tech Health Assisting Seniors completed their clinical experience at Lifecare.  Our students were kind, caring, and respectful and had a wonderful time making new friends with the residents.  They were all wonderful ambassadors for L.V.T.I. 
May 2021

Photo Of Student Working Hand's On In The Program Workshop

Ninth grade exploratory students are introduced to the many career opportunities in the health technology field. Shop/clinical safety practices are stressed. A wide variety of techniques are used to stimulate student curiosity and assist students in assessing their suitability for a career in the health field. Hands-on experience is provided in the classroom and laboratory environment.

Health technology students will be provided with instruction and experiences that will enable them to apply and demonstrate the acquisition of competencies in the following areas:

♦ Orientation to Health Care
♦ Responding to and Assisting clients in the activities of daily life
♦ Health care office management
♦ Measuring, documenting and reporting client information
♦ Performing special procedures
♦ Administering comfort measures to clients
♦ Assisting clients with nutrition and hydration
♦ Assisting cognitively impaired clients
♦ Necessary skills to successfully pass State CNA licensing exam and the State CAN licensing exam during sophomore and junior years
♦ OSHA 10-Hour Certification
♦ First Aid Certification

Photo Of Student Working Hand's On In The Program Workshop
Upon successful completion of this program, career opportunities include, but are not limited to:

♦ Nursing
♦ Certified Nurse Assistant
♦ Home Health Aid
♦ Hospital Clerk
♦ Surgical Technician
♦ Paramedicine
♦ Occupational Therapy
♦ Physical Therapy

Photo Of Student Working Hand's On In The Program Workshop

Health Assisting students model the latest in PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) as they demonstrate their knowledge of safety and infection control! The group in the picture is from the graduating class of 2017.  Several of the students in our picture are now enrolled in college nursing programs. 

Health Technology Program Courses

This is a survey class which gives students a general feel for what they will experience in this shop. Each group of 12-15 students meets in the Health Technology shop for two consecutive periods. The experience lasts for seven to eight class days.

In this shop students are introduced to many potential jobs and careers, which are available in the healthcare field. The demand for doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dentist, web design professionals, and many other specific careers will continue to rise over the next decade. Students who select this shop will begin at the end of 9th grade. They will begin with medical terminology, and body systems. This continues into their 10th and 11th grades, when they will – if they qualify – take the Certified Nursing Assistant exam at the end of 11th grade.

During the days they are in this exploration 9th graders will have the opportunity to learn taking a pulse. In addition, they will learn about a specific body system, and do a collaborative project to teach themselves, and their peers. Many of their projects are displayed throughout the shop for others to view. Students will also explore one of the many health careers using web based research. They will learn how much money they can earn in a career in healthcare, how much school they need, and what they might be doing in that career. Students also are given basic infection control instruction, and shop safety instruction.  

Photo Of Student Working Hand's On In The Program Workshop


This is the course where students begin their in-depth study of the different facets of healthcare. They begin with concepts such as diverse as healthcare in our community, and the role of the nursing assistant. Infection control is taught on both the theoretical, as well as the practical levels.

Safety is an embedded concept throughout all units; patient positioning, and avoiding work related injuries. An examination of the difference between normal health, and disease is done throughout the school year. Students spend a significant amount of time learning medical terminology, body organization, and disease classification. They also study the ethical and legal issues facing the nursing assistant in the workplace. Throughout their time in this shop the clinical skills of observation, reporting, and documentation are reinforced. This is done in the context of meeting basic human needs, cultural sensitivity, and communication skills necessary for the healthcare profession.

In addition to the theory which students study throughout the school year in HT10, they learn basic clinical skills. Practice is an important part of learning how to take a pulse accurately, for example. Students have the opportunity to learn pulse taking, patient transfer, making an occupied bed, and even how to professionally observe a patient’s symptoms. As nursing assistants it is important to be able to observe, report, and document on a patient. This is how the nursing assistant becomes a valuable part of the healthcare team. The clinical lab has a ward like set-up where students learn these skills. There are hospital beds, teaching stethoscopes, dental care simulation tools, and many other resources to prepare students for providing high quality, professional nursing assistant care to patients.

Photo Of Student Working Hand's On In The Program Workshop
Our students are among the best in the school. We hope you will stop by and visit us sometime to see them in action!


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