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Welcome to the Thurgood Marshall Middle School Announcement Pages

Dear Parents and Guardians of the TMMS Community,

Our focus at Thurgood Marshall Middle school is to approach all situations with a student-centered, team approach. We want to maximize the time students are on task and learning in a classroom as well as support their social/emotional growth. With you being a part of their team, we would like to review some information with you regarding some of our policies at Lynn Public Schools that will permit you to better support your student and their experience at school. The two policies are dress code and technology use. Information about each is bulleted below.

Dress Code (This is a portion of the code- the full Dress Code is located on the Lynn Public School website)
• Shoes- flip flops, shower shoes and slippers are not safe and therefore not allowed to be worn at school
• Dresses and Shorts must reach the knees
• Rips and Tears in pants must remain below the knee
• The strap on all tank tops should be wide enough to fit three fingers across (no spaghetti straps)
• Sheer tops and dresses are not permitted
• No bandannas
• Students who wear clothing with hoods must keep the hoods off during the school day
• Pants, Shorts and Skirts must be pulled up to the waist
• Clothing with references to inappropriate topics like drugs, alcohol, sexual content are not allowed

Students who violate the student dress code shall be required to modify their appearance by covering or removing the offending item(s). Sometimes we are prepared to offer students replacement clothing options in the event their clothing is deemed inappropriate. Students who refuse to change may be subject to disciplinary consequences. All students who violate the dress code miss valuable time in class. Being proactive and having students arrive with the appropriate clothing avoids them missing instruction from their teachers.

• All cell phones and any form of technology should be in the OFF position upon arrival to school.
• All cell phones and technology must remain out of sight for the school day
• If a student needs to contact home then they are allowed to call using the Student Phone located in the Main Office
• Students are allowed to turn on and use their technology at 2:30- this is only for the use of sending and receiving texts/calls from home

Students who violate the technology policy shall be required to turn their technology item over to the main office. From there students will be processed and their technology returned after the protocol is followed. This may require serving a consequence like detention, having their parent/guardian pick up the technology or in some cases a suspension. Students who refuse to follow this policy may be subject to further disciplinary consequences. All students who violate the technology policy miss valuable time in class. Again, like the dress code, following the policy avoids them missing valuable class time.

Lastly, we want your student’s experience with us to be positive and supportive. Following the D.R.E.A.M. is a big part of our mission. We appreciate your assistance as we work together towards elevating our students to be the best they can be.

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