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Welcome to the Social Emotional Learning Department

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We are excited to inform you that the Lynn Public Schools is launching the implementation of a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum called Caring School Community. Once fully implemented, the curriculum will entail in-class morning and closing circles, community chats (for grade K), class meetings, choice-time, cross-age buddies program, and home-school connection activities. We have begun to roll out the curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year, with a plan for full implementation during the 2020-2021 school year. Currently, the district’s goal is to orient faculty to the curriculum, provide professional learning opportunities that will support full implementation, and cultivate a Professional Learning Community, including the creation of school based Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Leadership Teams.

The goals of the Caring School Community is to help students become caring, responsible members of their school communities by:

  • Building caring relationships
  • Teaching social and emotional skills
  • Creating learning environments that support student learning

Research supports the benefits of social-emotional learning in schools. Students who had experienced social-emotional learning in schools demonstrated:

  • Significantly higher academic achievement
  • Improved social-emotional skills
  • More positive classroom behavior
  • Reduced emotional problems such as depression or stress

The SEL skills taught in the Caring School Community program support development in the core SEL competencies as defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Success (CASEL). The CASEL framework sets out five key areas of competence: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision-Making, Social-Awareness, and Relationship Skills.

The adoption of the Caring School Community for our K-5 schools is exciting. This curriculum aligns with and supports the Core Values of the District: inclusiveness, share responsibility, collaborative relationships, high expectations, and inspiring lifelong learning. The Lynn Public Schools is in the early stage of implementing the Caring School Community Curriculum, and is thrilled to provide you this update. We value home-school connection and are looking forward to communicating and partnering with families and the community as we implement this curriculum.

Every Student, Every Day District Update
December 10, 2019

The Lynn Public Schools remains committed to our attendance initiative, “Every Student, Every Day.” In order for each student to achieve their full academic potential, it is crucial for all students to attend school every day.

LPS has partnered with Mayor McGee, the Lynn City Council, the Lynn School Committee, business leaders, members of the faith-based community, medical professionals, and state and local agencies to strengthen our attendance campaign. We have met with multiple community providers about the “Every Student, Every Day” initiative and the connection between attending school daily and student achievement. 

Research has shown that lost instructional time can translate into 3rd graders unable to master reading, 6th graders failing subjects and 9th graders dropping out of school.

We are excited to be in year two of this important initiative and would like to share some exciting updates of work we have been doing in our schools:

    • Wellness Teams have been established in every school
    • Family Support Meetings are held regularly to assist students and families
    • Attendance rates are rising and chronic absenteeism rates are decreasing

Communication is key, and we value our partnerships with families and the community. We encourage you to regularly communicate with your child’s principal, nurse, school social worker, and other school staff to ensure that all students achieve academic and social-emotional success.


Carolyn Troy, LICSW, Executive Director Social-Emotional Learning

Tina Hoofnagle, LICSW, Assistant Director Social-Emotional Learning for Student Support and Family Engagement

Kristin Fraher, Supervisor of Attendance

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Social Emotional Learning
Executive Director of Social Emotional Learning
Carolyn Troy (781) 477-7220 extension 3202
Assistant Director of Social Emotional Learning
Tina Hoofnagle (781) 477-7220 extension 3183

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