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Technology Department Information
Phone Phone (781) 477-7342
Fax Fax (781) 477-7147
Email [email protected]
Address 100 Bennett Street, Lynn MA 01905
Technology Center Personnel
Tim Roach Network Administrator
Zach Fucci Assistant Network Administrator
Bob Serino PC\LAN Manager
Scott Parker PC\LAN Manager
Geovanny Morales Assistant DB Manager
Jorge Santiago Assistant DB Manager
Tito Benitez PC\LAN Technician
Janice Cronin PC\LAN Technician
Yenifer Cruz Loria PC\LAN Technician
Dwayne Dillard PC\LAN Technician
Anthony Dominguez PC\LAN Technician
Debra Freedman PC\LAN Technician
Edward Gaudet PC\LAN Technician
Jonah Hodgdon PC\LAN Technician
Scott Kautz PC\LAN Technician
Jonathan Kotsakis PC\LAN Technician
Matthew Kwiatek PC\LAN Technician
Brendan Mageary PC\LAN Technician
Krystal Morales PC\LAN Technician
Migdalia Morales PC\LAN Technician
Eric Moreno PC\LAN Technician
Keith Nance PC\LAN Technician
Anny Reynoso PC\LAN Technician
Alexander Rosa PC\LAN Technician
Brandon Rose PC\LAN Technician
Hung Tran PC\LAN Technician
Brendan Wilkinson Data Electrican
Brittney Bigge Technology Department Clerk

Lynn Public Schools is dedicated to providing optimal learning opportunities that improve student achievement while delivering standards-based instruction in a technology rich educational environment. The district is committed to the effective use of information technologies available in education to support and enrich the curriculum.

The U.S. Department of Education defines technology literacy as "computer skills and the ability to use computers and other technology to improve learning, productivity, and performance." The members of our school community will use technology as a tool to prepare our students to acquire the 21st century skills including critical thinking, problem solving, collaborating, taking initiative, analyzing information and promoting curiosity and imagination.

Our Department Supports:
- 16,500+ Students, 30 Locations, 900+ Classrooms, 2,500+ Staff Members
- Approximately 20,000 Computers, Mobile Devices including 3,500 iPads
- 70 Servers including File, Domain and Backup Servers and Printers
- 900+ SMART Interactive Boards

Our Department Includes: (1) Network Administrator, (1) Assistant Network Administrator, (2) PC Lan Managers, (2) Assistant DB Managers (20) Technicians, (1) Network Wiring Technician and (1) Clerk. We provide anti-virus protection for all computers, CIPA compliant web filtering, email archiving, backup data protection and internet connectivity at all sites.

Technology Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide students and staff access to the technology needed to advance both teaching and learning. Providing current and effective access to the resources available as well as the skillful use of it will help prepare our students to enter the global community.

Technology Vision Statement

Lynn Public Schools will strive to insure our staff and students are using 21st Century skills to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, communicators, and responsible digital citizens in information and media literacy. The use of technology will help our community to excel as learners and develop as leaders.
To achieve this vision, the Lynn Public School System is committed to providing access to:
- Appropriate resources and support for technology to be used in all areas of the curriculum;
- Up-to-date equipment (hardware, software, network) to maximize learning and teaching opportunities; and
- A district website to keep parents, students and other members of the community informed.

Student working on computer