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Innovation & Grants Management

The Innovation and Grants Management Department encompasses the efforts toward innovation in regard to teaching and learning across disciplines; early college pathways; college and career pathways; and alternate and innovative educational pathways. 

In support of the LPS District Prioritization Plan and Innovation Plan, the Innovation Department collaborates across the district with school leaders, partners, students and families to open the doors of opportunity wide.
The department
is focused on acquiring grant funding to foster a student-centered learning environment that emphasizes innovation, equity, inclusion, and rigorous instruction. The LPS Innovation Plan aims to promote fair and equitable learning through programming and educational pedagogy. Department staff will assist in the implementation of expansion and innovative programming in STEAM, Career Technical Education, the Arts and Early College pathways.
These initiatives will support the strategic effort to engage students and reimagine the learning experiences for our
linguistically and culturally diverse student body. This will be accomplished in part by incorporating meaningful connections and real-life experiences anchored in Project-Based Learning.
This transformational work will promote programmatic equity, academic course expansion, and student achievement equity. Department staff will guide the implementation of these initiatives in elementary, middle, high school, and beyond. 


Our Vision Statement 

It is the vision of this department to re-imagine teaching and learning to provide educational opportunities and bring inspiration and innovation to match the brilliance of our students.