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Release: Robotics & Engineering Program Underway

Lynn Public School’s Lego Education Robotics & Engineering Program Underway
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 25, 2024   

Lynn Public School’s Lego Education Robotics & Engineering Program Underway 

Lynn Public School's LEGO Education Robotics & Engineering Program is underway starting January 2024. The Grade 5 afterschool program stimulates students' interests in engineering and spatial thinking and inspires them to pursue STEM education and future careers. Program sessions engage students in various facets of engineering and allow them to build, code, program, and test a LEGO robot. 

Research supporting LEGO Education underscores the positive impact of incorporating LEGO-based learning methodologies in educational settings. Numerous studies highlight the effectiveness of LEGO Education in promoting students' engagement, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The hands-on, interactive nature of LEGO activities fosters a dynamic learning environment that appeals to diverse learners.  

The tangible and playful nature of LEGO materials makes learning enjoyable and facilitates a deeper understanding of complex subjects. Overall, the body of research supporting LEGO Education reinforces its efficacy in promoting holistic, experiential learning that resonates positively with students. This program allows our 5th graders to complete hands-on activities, using the engineering design process to complete and test fun projects, such as a puff mobile or a paper bridge. This after-school program fosters an atmosphere of cooperation, not competition, as this is how engineers work in real life. 

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