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Rental Information

Category A groups are not responsible for any custodial or rental costs.

Custodial Costs

Organizations listed in Categories B, C and D will be charged a custodian(s) cost based on the number of hours used and the custodian hourly rates.

The current hourly rates for one custodian Monday - Saturday is $45 per hour; Sundays and Holidays are $60. If more than one custodian is required for the event the rate will be adjusted accordingly.

Custodial charges are subject to a ½ hour opening and set-up charge as well as a ½ hour clean-up charge. Rentals will require a minimum of a three hour charge.

If more than one event is using the same facility, custodial costs shall be shared proportionally and that share will be determined by the Inspectional Services Department.

Rental Costs
In addition to custodian costs, rental rates are as follows:

Facility Rate
LEHS, LCHS, LVTI, Marshall Gyms $75 Per Hour
Gymnasium (All Other Schools) $60 Per Hour
Cafeteria $40 Per Hour
LEHS Auditorium $60 Per Hour
Auditoriums $40 Per Hour
Auditorium with Lighting Tech $50 Per Hour
Classrooms $15 Per Hour

Groups in Category B will pay ? of the total rental rate due.
Groups in Category C will pay ? of the total rental rate due.


Rental Rates:

B (1/6)

C (1/3)


LEHS, LCHS, LVTI, Marshall Gyms




Gymnasium (All Other Schools)








LEHS Auditorium








Auditorium with Lighting Tech








Bulk Rentals

Groups in Categories B and C that expect the total use of school facilities to exceed 100 hours in a school year (or 50 hours after Winter Vacation) may submit an application to negotiate a bulk rate to the Facilities Office. The application may be requested by e-mail to: facilityrentals@lynnschools. Applications should be submitted by June 30 for uses the following school year (or October 31 for agreements to take effect following Winter Vacation).

The Facilities Office and the Department of Inspectional Services Department shall negotiate an agreement to charge such groups to cover costs to the Lynn Public Schools (including building wear and tear and custodial costs). Any agreements must be approved by the School Committee before taking effect.

Amended: October 7, 2016
Amended: February 1, 2017 (Custodial Rate Increase)