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Policies And Codes

Use the tabs on the left to view some of the most commonly requested school policies, codes, forms and information. These have been posted here for your convenience. Should you require further details you may research the entire LPS Policy Manual online.
Please note the policies on this page are the latest updates and may not yet be reflected in the full policy manual.

Attendance Policy
Bullying | Resources
Cyberbullying | Resources
Discipline Code
Dress Code
Facility Rental

Health Related Policies
Alcohol Tobacco Drug Policy
Concussion Policy
Food Allergy Policy
Head Lice
Health Forms
Lunch Policy
Medications Policy

Homeless Youth
Internet Usage
Non Discrimination Policy
Safe and Welcoming Resolution and Welcoming Sanctuary Policy
Student Travel Regulations
Summer School
Visiting LPS Schools

While At School Policies
Animals In School
Crowdfunding Policy
Home Education
Media Release Forms
School Council Business
Security Camera Policy

Full LPS School Committee Policy Manual

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Lynn Public School Department using our Online Email Form.

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