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Guardianship and Adult Transition Resources

Guardianship and Adult Transition Resources
Typically, important decisions, such as medical, legal, and educational, for children under 18 years of age are made by their caregivers. Upon a child’s 18th birthday, however, many of those responsibilities automatically transfer to the individual. That can create many challenges for caregivers when supporting students with certain disabilities. It also underscores the significance of applying for legal guardianship, when necessary, to ensure that caregivers can continue their important work.

Additionally, various state agencies, such as DDS (Department of Disability Services), MRC (Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission), and MCB (Massachusetts Commission for the Blind), are available to help support qualifying adults with specific needs. Typically referred to as “adult transition,” accessing those supports requires schools to submit applications via the 688 referral process.

To help caregivers learn more about guardianship and adult transition, LPS Special Education has assembled the following resources for your review. For additional support, please contact us at (781) 477-7220 x3168.

Boston Children’s Hospital:
The following link directs you to a page with helpful information, including detailed resource guides and a video, on adult transition, guardianship, and health insurance.

Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN):

The Federation for Children with Special Needs is a Massachusetts-based organization dedicated to providing caregivers with information and support as they navigate special education processes. The following link provides information regarding adult transition.

Additionally, informational videos on various topics, including adult transition, can be accessed using the following website link.