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What We Do:

With a focus on collaboration and innovative practices, we champion educational equity, serve diverse student needs, and develop critical thinkers, effective communicators and lifelong learners. Through dynamic, thoughtfully planned learning experiences, we empower educators to build authentic relationships, foster inclusive environments, and ignite a passion for learning.

Commitment Statement:

The LPS Curriculum & Instruction department commits to providing equitable access to standards-based, culturally responsive, rigorous learning experiences for all students through:

  •  the implementation of appropriate scaffolds and supports (MTSS) 
  •  high-quality instructional materials 
  •  data-driven decision making 
  •  educator professional development 

Mission Statement:

We work in partnership with school leaders and families to foster learning environments where students see themselves as intellectual scholars who are college and career bound, life-long learners, and engaged community members.  

  •  Standards aligned high quality, culturally responsive instructional materials to support rigorous learning experiences with appropriate supports and scaffolds. 
  • Instructional leadership to strengthen and support building leaders and teachers in the implementation of materials and excellent instruction. 
  •  Curriculum adoption, development, resources, and tools that allow equitable access for our most marginalized students. 
  •  Programs and partnerships designed to enhance student experiences and support unique pathways. 
  •  Effective systems of communication and collaboration. 
  •  Collaboration and calibration on Look Fors for curriculum implementation.
  •  Supervision and evaluation of itinerant positions and district coaches.
  •  Planning, organization, and promotion of district arts and athletic events.

Who We Serve:





Language (2023-24) Total % of Total District
Spanish 9796 60.67%
English 4803 29.75%
Khmer/Khmai 423 2.62%
Haitian Creole 275 1.70%
Portuguese 241 1.49%
Arabic 157 0.97%
Language (2022-23) Total % of Total District
Spanish 9337 58.21%
English 5231 32.61%
Khmer/Khmai 432 2.69%
Haitian Creole 208 1.30%
Portuguese 208 1.30%
Arabic 152 0.95%
Language (2021-22) Total % of Total District
Spanish 8773 55.59%
English 5628 35.66%
Khmer/Khmai 432 2.74%
Haitian Creole 202 1.28%
Portuguese 154 0.98%
Arabic 145 0.92%
Language (2020-21) Total % of Total District
Spanish 8245 52.54%
English 6057 38.60%
Khmer/Khmai 422 2.69%
Haitian Creole 185 1.18%
Portuguese 153 0.98%
Arabic 147 0.94%