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View and Request Usage

View Current Building Schedule and Request Usage

To view the currently scheduled uses or request future dates for use of a building, please click webpage link below:


Directions to create a building usage application request by Lynn Public School Staff and the Public:

  1. Visit the Lynn Facilities Website (see link above).

  2. A monthly school district calendar will be displayed. In the right corner will be a window "Lynn Public Schools District" and you can scroll down to individual schools.

  3. Click on the school you wish to request and a monthly calendar for that school will appear. Click on the "View A Request" tab on the day you wish to apply.

  4. If there are building use requests already for that day they will appear. You can see if the space you wish to request is available. If so you then can choose from the two tabs PUBLIC on the left or STAFF on the right. You have now started a Building Use Application. Fill in the application, read and check the box for Regulations Governing the Use of School Facilities, and push the "Create Application."

  5. The application goes directly to the school principal who approves or disapproves the application. (If disapproved an email will be sent to the person who made the request) When approved at the school it is sent to the Central Office for approval. If approved at the Central Office a PERMIT will be sent to the email address and back to the school. The requested time will now appear on the calendars. (Please note that the turn around time should be less than a week)