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Early Childhood

Our Vision
All children in Lynn from birth to grade 3 will have consistent equitable access to high-quality early learning opportunities and services that embrace all developmental domains (social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language) and that meet individual needs.

Our Philosophy

Young children grow in cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills during the early childhood years. The Lynn Public Schools is committed to providing high-quality, developmentally appropriate, standards-based child-centered activities within a well-equipped, organized setting. We believe supporting a child's healthy development provides the basis for academic success, and promotes the foundation for becoming life-long learners.

Our Goals

  • Recognize parents as their child's first, most important, and longest lasting teacher
  • Foster a parent/teacher partnership
  • Maintain communication with families about their child's progress
  • Provide high quality standards-based instruction, across all domains
  • Utilize authentic, formative assessments on an ongoing basis
  • Provide any necessary and documented additional support services as needed
  • Set a pattern for good attendance in school
  • Encourage students to become life-long learners

Early Childhood Students