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Welcome Center


As the first place of interaction parents/caregivers, and children have with Lynn Public Schools, we promise consistent standards for culturally responsive practices so all families that interact with the Welcome Center are immersed in a supportive environment where families feel valued, respected, and understood, so children learn to thrive, and impact the greater community and the world.

All students entering the Lynn Public Schools for the first time, all students reentering the Lynn Public Schools due to a break in their enrollment status and all students requesting transfers from one school to another within the Lynn Public School system must sign-up at the Welcome Center.

For more resources on Massachusetts Learning Standards for each grade level, please click here: Massachusetts Learning Standards.

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Welcome Center Information

Direct Phone Number (781) 592-8796 (English/Español)
LPS Main Phone Number (781) 477-7220 (Use With All Extensions Below)
Fax (781) 598-3160
Address 100 Bennett Street, Lynn MA. 01905
Social Media Visit Our Facebook Page

Office Hours

Regular Office Hours - Monday through Thursday
- Friday
7:45 AM - 3:45 PM
7:45 AM - 2:45 PM
Summer/Vacations Hours - Mon, Wed. and Thursday
- Tuesday Extended Hours (Start In March)
- Friday
7:45 AM - 2:45 PM
7:45 AM - 7:45 PM

7:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Registration Information

Online Registration For All Students

English - Espanol - Haitian - Portuguese


SCHOOL YEAR 2022-2023

English - Espanol - Haitian - Portuguese

We are open for In-person Registration.
Please call to schedule an appointment.

- Child's birth certificate, or I-94 form

- Child's up-to-date immunization record

- Proof of address (see list of accepted documents)

- Parent/Guardian's valid photo identification such as: Copy of US Passport, US Passport Card, US Military ID, Permanent Resident Card, Border Crossing Card, Driver's License or other state photo identity card issued by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, Foreign Government Issued Passport, Employment Authorization Card, or Identification Consular Card, DTA Card.

- All Grades: Student Records Request Form (download below) Official transcripts from previous schools will be requested including school attendance and discipline. If the student has an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) will also be requested, if not brought in by the parents.

Proof of Address Accepted Documents

Residency documents must be pre-printed with the name and current address of the student’s parent/guardian.

- A Utility bill (not cell phone) dated within the past 60 days.

- A deed, closing or mortgage payment dated within the past 60 days.

- A current lease (1-year minimum term), Section 8 agreement, or Residency Affidavit letter (download below)

- A W2 form dated within the year, or a payroll stub dated within the past 60 days.

- A bank or credit card statement dated within the past 60 days.

- A letter from an approved government agency* dated within the past 60 days.

* Approved Government Agencies: Departments of Revenue (DOR), Children and Family Services (DCF), Transitional Assistance (DTA), Youth Services (DYS), Social Security or any communication on a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Letterhead

Residency fraud is a violation of Massachusetts state law and is subject to per diem fines for every day that a student attends school outside the district in which she/he legally resides. Entrance Age Require

Lynn Public Schools Street Directory - Updated September 2022

Find Your School - LPS School and Street Directory

Entrance Age Requirements

Kindergarten Program (Five Year-Olds)
Born between September 1, 2016, and September 1, 2017

Grade One (Six Year-Olds)
Born between September 1. 2015 and September 1, 2016

Registration Documents

Welcome Center Personnel


Ivette Alexandra Martinez [email protected] Ext. 3205
Family Services Coordinator
Rocio Cruz [email protected] Ext. 3179
Student Enrollment and Family Engagement Specialist
Jennifer Isaac [email protected]
Enrollment Specialist Clerks
Deb Guidi [email protected] Ext. 3247
Carla Rodriguez [email protected] Ext. 3133
Mary Walsh [email protected] Ext. 3136
Student Assignment Manager
Nixidia Adams [email protected] Ext. 3166

Art Student Drawing