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Release: LPS Signs Contract With Rosetta Stone

Lynn Public Schools Signs Contract With Rosetta Stone
Lynn Public Schools Signs Contract With Rosetta Stone 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 25, 2024   

Lynn Public Schools is proud to announce that the district signed a three-and-a-half-year contract with Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone for Schools empowers students to read, write, and confidently speak new languages. The comprehensive curriculum and flexible platform bring immersive English and world language learning to K-12 schools. 

“Research says that most of this country will be black, brown, and speaking Spanish in the next 10-15 years,” Lynn Public Schools superintendent Evonne Alvarez said. “It’s a disservice to our students who only speak English not to have an opportunity to also learn Spanish. The jobs of the future will require students who can speak both languages.” 

Rosetta Stone for Schools accelerates language acquisition and retention through structured immersion. Learners intuitively use reasoning to build context between written words, spoken language, and images for a deeper and more lasting understanding of the language. Immersive lessons engage all four domains of language–speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 

Learners speak early and often, aided by TruAccent speech recognition for immediate positive feedback when pronunciation aligns to that of native speakers. Targeted practice in this safe environment helps learners feel confident and comfortable participating in conversations in school settings and in the real world. 

Along with students, LPS staff members, school committee members, and the families of LPS students will have access to this valuable language learning tool. 

“For our teachers who are primarily dealing with students who speak only Spanish – how do they communicate?” Alvarez said. “This is a great tool where they can learn some conversational Spanish or learn to be fluent at their own pace. We’ve had an inordinate amount of teachers and staff who have asked, ‘How do I pick up some Spanish to be able to communicate with my students?’ 

“Think about a family that only speaks Portuguese or Spanish or Arabic or Khmer, which are our primary languages, being able to learn English, what that does for the economic growth of our local community,” Alvarez added. “It’s something as simple as providing a platform where they can learn at their own pace.” 

The program is the most flexible solution to support all English learners. With no need to read English instructions or translations in the immersive learning environment, any student, no matter their native language or English abilities, can begin learning English in their first minute on the program. Rosetta Stone for Schools brings a comprehensive curriculum for 25 languages to schools from the world-renowned leader in language learning. The flexible platform gives educators powerful tools to implement a robust world language learning program for K-12 students. 

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