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District Curriculum Accommodation Plan

Lynn Public School's Vision: All Lynn students will graduate from high school with the skills to make informed choices and pursue further learning as socially responsible citizens.

Lynn Public School's Mission: To continuously improve students' social, cultural, and academic achievement and provide all students with the skills, knowledge and experiences to achieve our vision.

What is a District Curriculum Accommodation Plan?
Massachusetts General Laws require the adoption and implementation of a District
Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP) to guide principals and teachers in ensuring that all possible efforts are made to meet student needs in general education
classrooms and to support teachers in analyzing and accommodating the wide range of student learning styles and needs that exist in any school. This document outlines the accommodations, instructional supports and strategies that are available through general education, and the process for determining effective interventions for struggling learners. Our intention is that the DCAP will support diverse learners in our schools.

Please download the full LPS Curriculum Accomodation Plan below.

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