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Asthma and School

Children spend a large part of their day at school. Parents, children, school personnel and physicians must work together to keep asthma from interfering with normal school activities. In order to provide the best care to your child, the school nurse will need information from you and your child's health care provider at the beginning of each school year or whenever there are changes in the treatment plan.

Our Goals
- Keep students healthy and ready to learn
- Provide a basic understanding of asthma, symptoms and treatments
- Educate school personnel, students and families on asthma, medication management and environmental triggers

Medications at School
Children should be able to take medications when needed. An individual health care plan along with a medication administration plan will be created based on your child's specific needs.

Each school year, you should provide the school nurse with the following by the first day of school:
- Physician's order for each medication (even if the student self-administers medication)
- ASTHMA ACTION PLAN from your health care provider
- Written Parent Consent Form (available from your school nurse)
- Medication in original packaging with pharmacy label

School Attendance
Children can be managed in school with minor asthma symptoms. As long as usual daily activities can be carried out, all attempts should be made to keep the child in school.

Physical Education and Sports
There should be no restrictions on children's ability to play, take gym class, or compete in sports just because they have asthma. If the child needs to take medication prior to physical activity, this can be arranged by the school nurse. Rest periods can also be allowed.

Classrooms may contain allergens. Irritants such as chemicals for art or science projects should be avoided. Some children with asthma have allergies to food. Please discuss specifics with the school nurse.

Asthma Information and Resources - PDF Format Documents

Massachusetts Asthma Action Plan

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