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Our Department Information

Health Services Department Information
Our Phone (781) 477-7220
Our Fax (781) 268-4096
Our Address 100 Bennett Street
Lynn, MA 01905
Health Services Department Personnel
Director of Nursing

Photo Deb

Deborah Tanzer MEd.. BSN, RN
(781) 477-7220 Extension 3344
Deborah Tanzer, MEd, BSN, RN has been employed by the Lynn Public Schools since 2002. She has been the Director of Nursing since the summer of 2021. Prior to this, she was the Assistant Director of Nursing for 5 years.

“Nurse Deb” spent the early part of her school nurse career at the Sewell-Anderson Elementary School then became the Homeless Education Liaison for the district before moving into a nursing administration role.
Deb received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Salem State University in 1993. The first 10 years of her RN career included working at North Shore Medical Center (Union Hospital) on a Medical Unit, Oncology Unit and Post-Operative Unit. Deborah went on to receive a Master of Education Degree in School Nursing from Cambridge College in 2007. She participated in a research project called An Intervention to Increase High School Students’ Compliance with Carrying Auto-Injectable Epinephrine: A MASNRN Study in 2008 and presented at the Annual School Nurse Conference. This research project was published in The Journal of School Nursing in 2012. Deborah was also the recipient of the Massachusetts School Nurse Organization Award in Recognition of Excellence in School Nursing Practice in 2009.

Deborah is currently leading a team of 40 School Nurses, 9 Nursing Assistants, Substitute Nurses and Agency Nurses. Deborah has a current Professional Educator License in School Nursing and a Supervisor/Director License from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
Assistant Director of Nursing

Photo Jackie

Jacqueline Westrin - RN, MSN
(781) 477-7220 Extension 3342

In 2015 Jackie joined the Lynn Public Schools Nursing Department, providing direct care to the almost 17,000 students in Lynn’s 27 schools. After discovering her love of training new school nurses, Jackie transitioned into the role of Assistant Director of Nursing in 2021. Jackie continues to train school staff and her fellow nurses as an American Heart Association BLS and HeartSaver CPR Instructor.

Prior to school nursing, Jackie worked on surgical units at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC.  Jackie received her Master of Science in Nursing specializing in Women’s Health from Loyola University Chicago, May 2014. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Boston College in 2008 where she was a member of the Alpha Chi chapter of the national nursing honor society Sigma Theta Tau.

Accounts Clerk Rupali Meimeteas
(781) 477-7220 Extension 3341
Aborn  Emily Groh, BSN, RN 781 477-7320 2503 [email protected]
Breed Jennifer Swanson, BSN, RN 781 477-7219 2607 [email protected]
Breed Alison Leiby, BSN, RN 781-477-7219 2699 [email protected]
Brickett Aimee Kouroubacalis, BSN, RN 781 477-7333 1553 [email protected]
Callahan Melissa O'Shea-Burke, BSBS, RN/Kathleen Bruce, RN 781 477-7338 1254 [email protected] & [email protected]
Classical High June Blake, BSN, RN  781-477-7196 2209 [email protected]
Classical High Andrea Cervenka, MEd, RN 781-477-7196 2309 [email protected]
Cobbet  Juliana Grillo, BSN, RN 781 477-7341 2803 [email protected]
Connery Danielle Reardon, BSN, RN 781 477-7344 2903 [email protected]
Drewicz  Christine Mancini, BSN, RN 781 477-7350 1203 [email protected]
English High School Lisa Dewan, BSN, RN 781 477-7368 3425 [email protected]
English High School Beth Murphy, MSN, BSN, RN 782 477-7368 3425 [email protected]
English High School Lauren Wass, BSN, RN 782 477-7368 3425 [email protected]
Fallon   Christine Palermo, MEd, BSN, RN 781 477-7470 1753 [email protected]
Fecteau-Leary  Misselly Grullon de Martinez, BSN, RN 781 268-3007 1805 [email protected]
Ford Serena Foley, BSN, RN 781 477-7375 2105 [email protected]
Frederick Douglass Collegiate Academy Sara Schreiner, MHA, BSN, RN 781-477-2292 2290 [email protected]
Harrington Debra Capano, RN 781 477-7149 2005 [email protected]
Hood Jennifer Pires, BSN, RN 781 477-7389 1953 [email protected]
Ingalls Shannon Whitney, BSN, RN 781 599-5570 1305 [email protected]
Lincoln Thomson Jamie Schultz, BSN, RN 781-477-7460 1503 [email protected]
Lynn Woods  Val Tracy, BSN, RN 781 477-7433 2553 [email protected]
LVTI-Main & Cubby's Den Jennifer Van Campen BSN, RN 781 477-7420 3009 [email protected]
LVTI ANNEX Mary Smith, RN 781-477-7220 3142 [email protected]
LVTI ANNEX TEAMS   Deborah Suleyman, MSN, MHA, BSN, RN 781 477-7220  3364 [email protected]
LVTI ANNEX TEAMS   Samantha Paone, MEd, BSN, RN 781 477-7220  3364 [email protected]
Marshall Leonelkys Rivas, BSN, RN 781 477-7360 3608 [email protected]
Marshall James Carey, BSN, RN 781 477-7360 3609 [email protected]
Pickering Robin Erelli, BSN, RN 781 477-7438 1108 [email protected]
Sewell Anderson Ann Liberge, BSN, RN 781 477-7444 2155 [email protected]
Shoemaker Kerry Molloy, BSN, RN 781 477-7450 1904 [email protected]
Sisson Dorine Bransfield, RN 781 477-7455 1603 [email protected]
Tracy Kathleen Walsh, BSN,RN 781 477-7466 1653 [email protected]
Virginia Barton Collegiate Academy Amanda Donovan, BSN, RN
[email protected]
Washington  Aurora Francis, BSN, RN 339 883-1414 1726 [email protected]
Nursing Assistant Kathryn Olson  781 477-7220 3343 [email protected]
Nursing Assistant Joanne Connor 781 477-7220 3343 [email protected]
Nursing Assistant Yanely Rosario 781 477-7196
[email protected]
Nursing Assistant Patricia Gomez 781 477-7360
[email protected]
Nursing Assistant Jessica Caceres 781 477-7220
[email protected]
Nursing Assistant Aileen Francisco 781-477-7219